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Get Out The Vote, Bring In The Ballots!

Bank Your Ballot!
California Primary March 5th, 2024



















The MarinGOP And The State Party Are Laying The Local Groundwork For A Year Of Victory In 2024.

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Election Day
Go Vote Flyers

What Is Bank Your Ballot?

The mission is to get the vote out. Early voting is a fact of life. For whatever reason --health concerns, travel schedules, erratic and horrible commutes, family commitments and military service-- there are a significant number of Marin voters who have NEEDED to vote early.


Ballot harvesting is also a fact of life in California. (And also totally legal in California.)

The "Bank Your Ballot" concept is a way to help Republicans plan how, and when, they want to vote so we get as many Republican ballots in as possible. 


Our candidates campaign in the real world, and we need get the vote out in the real world. Regardless of how we feel about early voting, or ballot harvesting, the Democrats are doing both. We need to face reality, deal with the election process we have and get the LEGAL Republican vote out. 


We want every legal vote to be counted. We want citizen engagement. And we want Republicans to commit to vote in Primaries as well as General Elections. In general, even in a presidential election year, primary vote turn-out is lighter than turn-out in a General Election. Will you be a March voter as WELL as a November voter?

And yes, the California GOP, the RNC & the Republican presidential frontrunner all support getting the (early) vote out.

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Do You Have A Voting Plan?
Do your relatives & friends have a voting plan?

What's a "voting plan"? Hey, the process has changed. In 2022 we know of many Republican voters who were not able to get to the polls. Sadly, their votes were not counted. 

We plan all the major events of our lives. Voting is a major event. Plan how, when & where we're going to vote. 

Per state law you should have received a ballot in the mail by February 12th for our coming Primary. 

You have a number of options --you can vote by mail! Use a blue or black pen, sign, date it, and put it in the mail. You don't even need a stamp! You can use your "mail in ballot" to vote early and then drop the completed ballot --in the signed and sealed envelope-- off at the Registrar of Voters anytime on or before March 5th! You can also opt to drop your ballot off at a "vote center" or ballot drop box. Or, you can go into a vote center and vote in person on (or sometimes before) election day.

So, what is your plan? And, how are you going to help relatives and friends make THEIR voting plans?

Vote Boxes

So... When?

Why Vote Early?

In mid 2023, the GOP unveiled a program to get Republicans voting early. We needed a change in culture to adequately counter the Democrats' voter turnout machine. The California GOP adopted the "Bank the Vote" program for our 2024 races.


The consequences from the COVID outbreak have been detrimental to the integrity of our elections. Mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and the elimination of voter ID have undermined the validity of our elections resulting in fraudulent elections and a lack of trust in our elections among the American populace.


Republicans have been vocal about the need for election day voting and voter ID. 

These standards have resulted in us being slow to adopt the voting methods established in the elections of 2020. While our principles have been above reproach, we have experienced ballot box losses which have had significant detrimental effects on our country.

Realistically, banking our ballots is an individual choice, but is a choice many of us make because we need to think about the greater good. 

Many of the Republican Party's most committed volunteers and campaign workers ALWAYS vote early. We vote early because we know an election is a long march, not a foot race. We vote early because we want to spend election day dealing with the many emergencies that pop up on the day of the election. We vote early because we're busy working and volunteering. We'd love it if you help out and bank your ballot as well. Join the volunteer army that helps get the vote out. Make YOUR personal voting plan, then help 5 of your friends and relatives --maybe older relatives who don't drive, or first time voters who've never done it before-- with THEIR voting plan. Bank your ballot and think about volunteering.

Ballot Harvesting

We may not like it, but it is legal in California. Ballot harvesting is becoming a major part of the election process. Going forward we will monitor the ballot harvesting process, we will also recruit Republican volunteers to ballot harvest.

If you want to connect with a local Republican Party volunteer to get a lift to a polling place or have your ballot "harvested" and taken directly to the Registrar of Voters, just call us or email us.

Phone our Chairman, Mr. Jack Wilkinson, directly at 415-446-4111.



Yes, We're Harvesting!

They say if you want to get a difficult job done, give it to a busy woman.

Volunteers come in all ages & sizes at the MarinGOP, but we'd like to thank the Republican women in particular for stepping up and realizing that we need to ballot harvest. We're delighted to report that the amazing Ms. Chris Baer has seamlessly segued from Voter Registration, to Ballot Harvesting. And, soon, she will be doing double-duty as well recruiting LOCAL candidates for the November 2024 election. Make every legal vote count, make every election contested, keep every Republican voter engaged.

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