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Have you made a public statement lately with a political button? Political buttons have a long history. And, as is the case with most ephemera, we're not really sure when political buttons first became "important." If you are a crazed collector, and have a few thousand dollars to spend, you can buy yourself an original Lincoln campaign button. However, while political buttons have been around since at least the 1850s, according to the History Nebraska Association, campaign buttons didn't become a must-have presidential campaign item until 1896. We thought it would be cool to make some new buttons for 2022. If you would like to stop by the MarinGOP offices conveniently located in San Rafael you are welcome to drop by, grab a cup of coffee, and pick up a button in person. (Please call our Chair, Jack Wilkinson, first if you want to stop by. We're staffed entirely by volunteers so we don't always have someone minding the "shop" --you can reach the Chairman at 415-446-4111.) But, if you would like to pre-order a button (or multiple buttons) for pick-up, or even mail-order a couple of buttons, we're happy to help. All proceeds go to the MarinGOP general fund and will be spent on our awareness building messaging campaign here in Marin County, California.

You can buy any round button for $3.- a piece. (Or grab 2 round buttons for $5.- Not including shipping.)

Any square button is $4.- a piece. (Or grab 2 square buttons for $7.- Not including shipping.)


"Believe In America: Vote Republican"

2.5" Round Button. Full Color. Basic Pin Back. 


"MarinGOP Believe In America"

Support Your Local Central Committee! (It is almost as much fun as supporting your local Sheriff. --Ok, nothing is as much fun as a 1960s era Western.) 

2.5" Round Button. Full Color. Basic Pin Back.


"I Am A Republican Woman: Watch Me Vote"


2.5" Round Button. Full Color. Basic Pin Back. An ideal gift for yourself, or all of your favorite Republican women.


"Republican Women: Because the Other Party Can't Figure Out What a Woman Is"


2.5" Round Button. Full Color. Basic Pin Back. An ideal gift for yourself, or all of your favorite Republican women. (Because these days there aren't any other kind of women.)


"No Joe"

3" square button. Full color. Basic pin. Back in May of 2022 the Marin GOP made a public statement with a digital billboard truck displaying this image on a 6ft high panel. This button commemorates that innovative moment.


"Abraham Lincoln"

2" square button. Full color. (O.k. President Lincoln is black & white, but all the photographs from his age are black & white.) Start a conversation, ask a young person in your life if they know anything about Lincoln. Do they know Lincoln was a Republican? Do they know when the Civil War was fought? The answer might surprise you and might leave you asking some serious questions about how your tax dollars are being spent and what is being taught in schools.


One Of Each!

Can't make up your mind? Want one of each? Want a full set for your button collection? We put together a "mix and match" collection.Yes, You can have it all! Six great buttons, six great designs. 

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