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Candidate's Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much time can I expect to spend as a board member/office holder?

A. It varies by position. Most seats require 4-8 hours per month while office holders can expect to spend 8-15 hours.

Help! What Will The MarinGOP Do For Me?

Q. How will the Marin GOP support my candidacy?

A. We provide access to voter information and tech support through the state GOP.  We assist you in getting the word out through slate mailers, website advocacy and door knocking. If you prefer us to be behind the scenes, we can take a non-partisan approach. Our goal is to recruit viable candidates and help get viable candidates with our shared values elected. (Back in 2022 our current Vice Chair and Secretary helped get a local Republican --who ran with a budget of less than $500.00 elected by knocking on every door in his district twice.)


Q. How much can I expect to spend while running for a board/office seat?

A. First of all "you" won't be spending money, your campaign committee will spend money. The sky is the limit for some candidates. Candidates for local office typically spend anywhere from $500-$25,000. It’s all up to you. Candidates who are well known in their local communities can spend less due to high name recognition. Local board seats require less investment then elective offices. However, within the past 2 election cycles local Marin candidates have run successful --winning campaigns-- with total campaign budgets of less than a thousand dollars

When Do I Have To File?

Q. When is the candidate filing period this year?

A. July 15th through August 9th. We recommend seriously starting your campaign exploration before the 4th of July. A great time to kick off a local campaign is at neighborhood 4th of July barbecues. Ask your friends and relatives if they'll help you help the community by getting involved at a grassroots level. We also recommend getting your paperwork in order by August 5th or earlier so you have time to fix potential mistakes. 

The Big "R" Question

Q. Can I get elected as a Republican in Marin? Will I be running as a Republican or Republican voter?

A. All local seats are non-partisan. If you are running for waterboard, fire board, an education position or city or town council seat your party affiliation is not listed on the ballot. (In short, we'll let the Republican voters know you are a Republican. But, your political Party affiliation doesn't need to be a major part of your campaign.

You Got My Attention! Can I Learn More By Talking To Someone Directly?

Q. Is there someone I can speak with to learn more?

A. Contact either: Christine Baer or Tom Montgomery at Please include all your contact information --street address, etc.-- when you reach out. (If you have lived in the same house for more than a couple of election cycles your district may have moved even if you stayed in the same place. We want your address so we can double check what resources we have for you in your exact district.)

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