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Before You Complain,
Have You Volunteered?

Marin Issues Matter
Think Big, Think Local
Do You Want To Be A Candidate?

Worried? Are you concerned about your quality of life, local quality of life, local taxes, local traffic, fire and safety issues? Do you care about our shared community and your future?


Our quality of life has been falling. There are mass homeless

encampments on Andersen in San Rafael and Binford in Novato. We are facing a tsunami of new tax measures & we all have legitimate concerns about the future here in Marin.


The media is concentrating on national issues. But, if we want to improve our own quality of life we need to focus on local issues.

 Do you care enough to get involved? Do you want to run for local



Do you want to seek an appointment? Are you driven to make a



Do you want to find practical solutions to real world problems? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to learn more?

Ask an Expert

How Can the MarinGOP Help Me Run For Local Office?

Strange as it may seem, we have the data. We've dedicated the last two years to focusing on the small picture local stuff. We've been focusing on the big issues that will impact us all locally in the months and years to come. We've put together the research so we can tell you what the hot button issues are in every neighborhood in Marin. We know how to reach the base. We can deliver a solid 18-22% of the vote even to a candidate that does absolutely nothing for him or herself --we recommend actually doing some work-- and we can provide the background information and basic help a freshman candidate needs. 

Golden Gate Bridge

Why Should I Run For Local Office In Marin?

We think the picture above says it all. If you love living in Marin, if you love telling people you live on the "other side of the bridge", if you love the coastal fogs and the Summer heat and you don't want to wake up one day and realize everyone else moved to Texas or Florida, you should get involved at a local level. Marin County is "special" --but we aren't immune to the problems of the country or the state at large. Our schools aren't as good as they were. Some of our local cities --Novato, in particular-- have "structural" deficits. Quite simply, we have local problems and we need responsible people to step up and commit to trying to make our communities better. If you want to be grand about it, we have a community and country to save. So, if you are tired of sitting on the sidelines, and you are ready to get into the arena and volunteer as a candidate, give us a call. 

Home Run

Do Republicans Win In Marin?

Yes, Republicans can win in Marin. In fact, there are currently incumbent Republicans serving in Marin who got elected with the help of a handful of people from the MarinGOP. Yes, even in a "deep blue" county like Marin we can get Republicans elected. It isn't easy, but it isn't impossible. Yes, Republicans can win in Marin. Being a Republican in Marin is a little like being in the rodeo, you never know what is going to happen, you will probably end up hurt and muddy, and if you love it, there is nothing better on earth.

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