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Welcome to the Chairman's Page

Jack Wilkinson, Chair

As Chairman of the Marin GOP, I welcome you to our group.

You can attend our monthly meetings as posted in our Events schedule.

They are usually held on the last Thursday of the month,

starting at 7:00 p.m. and ending promptly at 9:00 p.m.


We support the United States Constitution.  Some of our monthly programs focus on the meaning and application of these documents, as they apply in today’s world.


Other programs focus on tax initiatives, candidate races, housing, schools, fire prevention, and local issues that appear from time to time.

We hope you will join us for one or more of these meetings.

We’d like to get to know you.

We welcome suggestions to improve our organization, as well as ideas on improving our country’s local, state and national issues.  Ideas can be submitted at our monthly meeting, or sent to us via email or letter.


Field Experiment

(Unlimited variables)
January 2023

Speaker McCarthy’s election:  We have just witnessed a true example of just how our system is supposed to operate in the best interests of the American citizen.

Hypothesis:  Man can be self-governing: Declaration of Independence

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Government are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the Consent of the governed—”

That is the basis, the hypothesis of the experiment.

Methodology:  Constitution:  This is the primary set of steps to follow to prove that mankind, can indeed, be self-governing.  This document and the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, detailed the limitations of the government.  That is the importance of the Constitution: LIMITED Government. 

The original designers of this grand field experiment knew the natural foibles of human nature and designed the Constitution to limit and contain such foibles. 

In this three-part government structure, each had a limited function.  This limit still provides barriers, if followed, to government excess and Liberty denying over reach.




Rational man will function best when operating in a nation of laws and not the capricious whim of man.

We, each of us, has to know what limits we have and to that end laws are created.  That is the point of the Legislative Branch.  This branch consists of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The House, elected every two years in the specific district they represent, are closest to the people in their district.

This keeps the elected in touch with the citizen and the citizen in touch with the congressperson.  We, the MCRCC, are in the California 2nd  congressional district, must start recruiting a suitable candidate now.  If not for 2024 then 2026.  That is our first big job.

The Senate, two for each state, is elected for a six-year term. Senate terms are staggered so that a third of the body is elected or re-elected every two years.

The judicial is the United States Supreme court.  Each justice is appointed for life by the President with advice and consent of the Senate. There is no mention in the Constitution as to the number of judges though nine has seemed to be the historic and generally agreed upon limit.

The executive is elected every four years and can only serve a total of ten years.  That would be two regular terms and part of another such as a vice president or Secretary of state filling in the remaining term of a president.

This past week of arguing over who will be the Republican speaker of the house was not an embarrassment at all.  It was how the system was designed to work.  Each congressperson has their own constituencies and each stood for their own particular demands of just how to best serve that constituency.  All questioned if the putative speaker truly represents what would serve that constituency best. They argued for concessions and assurances, promises and documents committing the speaker to their demands.  This is progress and a stark relief from the autocratic Democrats iron rule, particularly under Pelosi.

I firmly believe that the Republican philosophy will be resurgent and far more accepted by the voter because this congress will start to do what our framers intended:  Pay Attention to the VOTER.

First, we will see real discussions and actions to control the overwhelming budget excesses of the Democrats.

McCarthy will push for a balanced budget within ten years.

Every bill will have a 72-hour observation period for both the congress and the public.  The opportunity to actually read the details and know what traps may lie in the words exists.

We will see investigations into stopping the weaponization of our government, such as the FBI, IRS and DOJ being used against the citizenry and political opponents that speak against the Administration.

On January 10th the House voted to repeal the funding for 87,000 armed IRS agents.

One of the biggest changes that will be a positive for our system is the imposition of term limits.  While it will only apply to elected officials there is at least hope that there may be a reduction in the myriad government agencies of unelected bureaucrats that represent a permanent power base in DC.  We MUST get rid of that shadow government.

They are also pledged to reduce the “swamp” of unelected bureaucracies plaguing our republic.

What this means for the MCRCC?

We now have a product to sell.  A product that truly represents the Declaration and the Constitution and what it means for Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

We can recruit with confidence that we do represent each and every Individual and their Rights.

That is why The United States of America was created.

That is our selling point.  That Freedom is our Product.  


Our job is to keep this grand experiment alive and well.  The MCRCC is the entry level to learn and get involved in the politics of America.

All politics are local.  Our job is to recruit candidates for all local appointive and elective commissions, boards and agencies such as sanitation, school, water, transportation, city council, mayor, fire, police et al.  This is how we build a bench of future office holders.  


We must register, recruit and elect Republicans who support the Declaration and The Constitution.



Jack Wilkinson

(Chair, Marin County Republican Central Committee)

The essence of the United States of American is fully expressed in the second paragraph of The Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,…”


Victory over the British Monarch presented the 13 separate colonies with a problem: How do we make this work?

In May of 1787 the respective leaders gathered in Philadelphia to create a government. The Constitution was brought forth in September that year with Dr. Franklins admonishment, “a republic if you can keep it.”

Well, we are at the stage where we either rescue our republic or suffer the tyranny of overwhelming government.

The basics: we are a nation of Laws created by legislators and upheld by judges in the attempt to avoid the whimsical, capricious nature of humans.  We were created in a background of Jewish and Christian sense of right and wrong with respect to our Creator.  A strong moral character.

The Founders feared political parties, wanting to avoid factionist division.  As always two people will have three opinions and we have devolved into many different political views with two primary parties labeled Democrat and Republican.  

The Democrats believe that given the proper direction and encouragement, regulation and control by government agencies, experts, who best know how to regulate and control human behavior, the population and economy can be perfect.

The Republicans adhere to the belief that man is an individual capable of handling his own affairs. The government should do for the citizen that which the citizen can not do for himself.  A strong military to protect the homeland.  A system of courts and law enforcement protecting the citizens personal safety.  Other agencies can serve as a safety net, but not a way of life, to aid the aged, infirm and helpless. That each of the 50 states, with counties and cities doing similar for their citizens.   

To say we are at a crossroads in California is an understatement.  A local columnist, Dick Spotswood, claims that the Republican ideals have moved to the extreme right and are no longer credible.

This last year, especially since the Dobbs decision on Roe V Wade, the Democrats have been apoplectic, railing against the judges who simply said that the previous decision was both faulty and a court opinion, not a legislative one, and was not valid law.


Our nation has an equal three-part government structure: executive, legislative and judicial. 

The legislative writes the laws and the court determines whether those laws conform to the Constitution. A court decision is not law, but a ruling on a law.   For 50 years a poor court decision has simply resulted in genocide.


Spotswood claims Governor Reagan’s 1967 signature on a bill protecting women’s health liberalized abortion, leading to abortion on demand. Though not the intent Democrats and government funded Planned Parenthood took it that way.  Reagan was pro-life his entire career.

Republicans have not moved.  Democrats and Progressives have gone far left.  Witness AB 2223, Governor Newsom signed, that allows termination of a newborn’s life up to 28 days after birth.  That is way far left.  


Each state legislature has the right to make its own laws regarding abortion. There is no mention of abortion in The Constitution.  This is purely a state’s rights issue.  

The state of California is now advertising abortions to the other 49 states.

I find it both ironic and misleading propaganda for Mr. Spotswood to assert Republicans are extreme right.  


To be even close to correct he would have observed how far to the left the Progressives and Democrats have moved. When I was in school, we had speakers of all persuasions.  Now, only left and far left speakers are allowed on campus.  What is happening to the idea of free speech and sharing of ideas?

Check your perspective, Mr.  Spotswood. From the far left everything is to the right.





Jack Wilkinson

August 16, 2022

The United States of America was designed and created as a republic. The citizens vote for the people to represent their interests in the halls of government whether state or national. Each state is also a republic and separate for most laws from the federal government. That is called a federal system. They came after;


The Declaration of Independence, the start and promise of our new nation, stated:


“We hold these truths to be self-evident:"

 meaning no explanation or justification is necessary,


“…all men are created equal…” 

a promise met, 13th amendment


“…endowed by their Creator…”

above man’s efforts


certain "unalienable Rights"

man cannot take away

“…among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness;"

among, not limited to


"That to secure these rights"

keep in safe custody (a duty) 


Governments are instituted among Men,

Deriving their just powers

From the consent of the governed.


Also, “we the people”


Our Rights are not limited to just those stated. Most important, that any government instituted by men governs only with the Consent of the Governed.


Somewhere along the line some of the governed seem to have lost sight of these “truths” and are willing to be subservient to a government. They have become used to being treated as those “working” for the government. Certainly many in government seem to have lost sight of “we the people.”


The men and women who fought the most powerful nation on earth at that time, the English King and his military, did so under the banner of that declaration.


The citizens of the colonies, the farmers, merchants and bakers and brewers took to their heart the idea of personal Freedom. Of personal Liberty. Of self determination and the idea of a free market for trade in both labor and goods. The same year of the Declaration, Adam Smith published his famous book “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations” that has had a continuing effect on our understanding of the economic behavior of men and governments. It is, in part, the distillation of the information of a free market that helps create and regulate both trade and innovation.


Today we, as a nation are in a similar situation. We have a government that is spending our future income and creating debilitating debt on our future generations. They are using fear and the threat of force, 87,000 new IRS agents qualified to use deadly force. We are burdened by administrative agencies that write rules and regulations that have the full force of law, yet are both hidden and unanswerable to the citizen.


We are a republic, governed by our consent. We must rid ourselves of these unanswerable bureaucrats. It seems that special interest groups, an historical fact of any government, donate large sums of money to our legislators. This frees them from the time between elections to raise funds for future election. Thus, the interest in appealing to their constituents is relieved and the benefit of incumbency adheres to the legislator.


While standing for reelection is a form of term limits, a far more effective tool would be actual term limits. This would free the legislator to work only on the people's wishes. Also, all candidates should be publicly funded. They do not have to raise money, only have a message that resonates with their constituents. No more appealing to certain pressure groups that demand special treatment and donate large sums of money to political campaigns to elect the legislators who will write and pass special laws favoring the select group. 


As Tocqueville said in his “Democracy in America” 1835, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”


We have just seen the President pay off college loans. Offering free benefits to invaders that stream across our southern border. All with the consent of congress. Blatant bribery and it goes unremarked by the vast majority of citizens who reelect the same people who steal their money. Even worse, they steal the Liberty and Happiness of our nation, The United States of America.


We may have reached the tipping point if we do not change the direction of the country in the next, 2022 election.


Therefore, to KEEP our Declaration of Independence we must VOTE for those who believe in both the Declaration and our Constitution. We must return to a nation of laws, not of men as has been recently demonstrated. And remember, we are, again, fighting the most powerful nation on earth.


Government belongs to those who show up.







Jack Wilkinson 2021-22 Chair, Marin County Republican Central Committee



Jack Wilkinson


2021-22 Chair, Marin County Republican Central Committee

All of America has just spent a day in memory of those souls who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy today.  They paid this price in homage to our Founding Document, the Declaration of Independence. Over the years I have settled on the second paragraph of our Declaration as inculcating the essence of America:


“We hold these truths to be self-evident.  That all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the Consent of the Governed“

However, it is becoming more and more apparent to many of us that these freedoms are under attack.


Many of us started our school days with the pledge of allegiance.  It was a recognition and a degree of reverence to the very ideals of the United States of America:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." 

Our Pledge of Allegiance, to me a most stirring recitation, represents a true understanding of just who we are and just what are the very freedoms, our very essence. 

There is one key word in that pledge that unites us all, “indivisible.”  Lately it seems that this word is being denigrated by the Left.  The virtue signaling of correcting racism by concentrating on skin color instead of accomplishments is causing division.

The left wants to divide this great nation by race and skin color.  They are saying we are not living up to our promise, “all men are created equal” all while ignoring the terrible civil war that freed the slaves at the terrible cost of lives.  Ignore the 1964 Civil Rights act, passed by integrity of Republican Senator Dirksen who ended a 75-day Democrat filibuster.

We are not a perfect nation, as perfection is only in the imagination.

However, we continue to strive for at least a semblance of a more equal and free nation.

Our Constitution created a “nation of laws, not of men” such that the very capricious and arbitrary tendencies of man’s nature would be less likely to pollute our system of justice and Liberty.

Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Pledge of Allegiance are race, color or reference to any ethnicity ever mentioned.  NOWHERE!!!

I see an ever-growing central government overriding the states and the individual Liberties of each of its citizens in its vainglorious attempt by the Democrats of the Far Left to split, to divide, this most wonderful nation.  To inhibit and stop our continuing efforts to achieve a nation that values individual Liberty and achievement.

I ask who benefits from such a system?

The only ones I see are those in the administrative state, created by too many feckless politicians of both parties. Bureaucrats drunk on the idea of power and not answerable to the voters.

We, the “governed” must find and elect those who will represent our interests.

Vote in the primaries for those people you think will deliver for your interests.



Salve vs Solve

Beauty procedures

Salve:  Analgesic or medicinal ointment. To sooth, as with salve; quiet; appease. *


Solve: To find a solution:  answer; explain. To work out a correct solution to (a problem) *

*American Heritage Dictionary

        On July 4, 1776, the American colonists created a document to solve the problems between a King and the citizens who wanted freedom from the capricious and harmful edicts of that King.  This document declared, in no uncertain terms, what that solution was to be.  The second paragraph states the essence: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are created with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness---That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,”

Subsequent to the war that followed, a new nation was born and in 1787 our Constitution, limiting the power of government over the individual, was crafted.  To further that protection against overweening government the first ten amendments, “The Bill of Rights,” was added.  That was a solution to a problem.  And it has worked rather well for the last 246 years.


However, along the way a new class of “citizen” was born.  Well actually just a holdover from the previous thousands of years of the self-aggrandizing cast of selfish power-hungry sycophants with their sniveling words of “help” in the form of look what we can do for you (with the “your money” part left unsaid) if you vote for us.


To the unsuspecting and unwary voter, it appears to be free money.  However, the smooth talk is the salve that seems to lessen the immediate discomfort.  The salve is made law yet the problem is NOT SOLVED.  It continues, aggravating the public soul, like a pebble in the shoe.  The Democrats again cry for more money, and promise to “fix” the problem.  All that is provided is more useless salve, a temporary relief in the form of “look how much good we have done” while failure continues.


In 1965 The Great Society was going to cure black poverty rates, then at 14%.  Now, 57 years and many BILLIONS of dollars later, the black poverty rate is only 16.8%. (See statista for stats from the last 40 years.)


(For more information on poverty in America in the 1960s please see the census information gathered here.)

Why?  Oh, there are so very many reasons.  But the main cause is that too many people accepted the salve instead of the solve.


To Solve requires a certain amount of self-sacrifice.  You lose weight by not eating that extra mouthful.  Skipping the desert of pie or ice cream.  Uncomfortable, but not dangerous.  Just uncomfortable. Discipline in pursuit of a worthy goal.


The munificent words and actions of the "salve" overcome the idea of passing up that extra bite, that tasty pie or cake.

And the problems it claims to solve are not solved.  

We have been governed in the state of California by masters of misdirection and the salve of promises unfulfilled.

We now have public employee unions, which seems to me akin to wearing a belt with suspenders.  You only need one and the other becomes superfluous.  Unless, of course, the other one allows the addition of a process suited to the private world, not the public.

A civil service job was a “protected job” in that one could not be fired or dismissed without good cause.  It is true that the pay was often less than the private sector, but the protection of the civil service contract more than made up for the differential.

That is until public unions were created.  

California has civil service unions that bargain for better wages and benefits than the private sector.  They use their powerful union dues to help finance the campaigns of their bosses. They have created a sinecure for themselves. However, we have a MAJOR budget problem in California.  CalPers, the state-run pensions system is underfunded by over 200 billion Dollars.

Who is liable for those debts of the state?  I suspect it comes as no surprise that you, dear citizen, your grandchildren, and their children, will be paying this off for a long time.


How are they planning to solve this?  Why, a pending CalPERS-sponsored bill is troublesome. The measure, Assembly Bill 2473, would exempt details of CalPERS loans from the state’s Public Records Act, making it much more difficult for watchdogs and journalists to sniff out insider dealing.


That is the salve that you will be anointed with.  The surprise will come when the retired employees DEMAND they get what they were promised.

Project Name

Man Waving American Flag

Citizen vs Bureaucrats


Jack Wilkinson


We are at a political cross roads in the USA today.  We have three classes of people:  The voters are one class, those elected by the voters are another class and the unelected bureaucrats are the third class.

Those elected are “hired” by the voters to do a job.  That job is really very simple:  follow the constitution and do no harm to the populace, the citizen.  We seem, as a nation, to have forgotten that those elected, or hired, can be voted out, or in the vernacular, “FIRED”  by the voters.  Being protected by incumbency, which includes various perks paid for by us, they have an inherent advantage in getting reelected.   It seems that those “hired” treat their position as a right, a sinecure, not a job.

I lay this blame on the electorate.  We pay too little attention to the performance of those elected.  It is often easier to reelect the incumbent, (the advantage of incumbency) than it is to pay attention to the continuous din of promises and just plain blandishments of many office seekers.  Thus re-election, even in spite of continuous subpar or even failure in the position, is just laziness on the part of the citizen.  We were to be a nation of citizen legislators.  It is time to think term limits.

“The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.”

To make matters worse, the now professional “elected class,” no longer even feigning the citizen legislator intent, have created various bureaucracies to do their jobs. These unelected bureaucracies have turned into a full time “employment” with very special privileges not available to the voting citizen. That is a very real sinecure as there are no real measuring points of success or failure. Also, it seems that once hired that unless one is found guilty of murder one cannot be fired. Those employed by the government, created by those elected, are under no obligation to respond to anyone.  Certainly, not the voters who seldom, if ever, even know who, what or where these people are.

They are what is known as the “permanent class” of government.  City councils, will come and go, but those administrative posts stay employed.  State elected officials, from the Governor on down will change with each election cycle, but those employed bureaucrats will stay.  Presidents and Congress will come and go, but those employed, from the secretaries to the janitors will stay.

Those that stay know all the “secrets,” where all the bodies are buried and they, ultimately, control the levers of power.

Bureaucracies, such as the EPA, make regulations that, while not law, which has to be passed by the elected legislature, have the same effect and impact as laws.  However, the voter is unable to get them changed.  The citizen voters and taxpayers are unable to hold the people passing such regulations responsible for the negative consequences of such regulations.

We must seek out and elect candidates who recognize this dilution of Liberty.  Candidates who pay attention to the Voters' real concerns.  Candidates who will take steps to reduce, and oftentimes simply abolish these unelected bureaucracies.  Get rid of these “permanent” class of pseudo legislators who really control our “elected” governing class.

That is one of the real reasons Trump had to go.  He threatened the bureaucrat class.  He showed the way.  We, the free Citizens of the republic must take up the cudgel of Liberty and Independence and take back our rightful position of responsibility to our fellow citizens and our government.  Responsibility to Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution! 

And we MUST START HERE.  In Marin!

Those are the candidates we can support!

We have a Republic. 

We MUST keep it.

American Flags
Statue of Liberty



Jack Wilkinson

"liberty means responsibility"  - George Bernard Shaw

What are you? Not "who"? Are you a "citizen" or a "subject"?


What is the the United States? What are we as Americans?


Citizen or Subject?


This nation, the United States of America, was born in a revolution against a monarch who refused to recognize the rights of “free men” to determine the manner in which they operated and managed their own affairs both politically and economically.

This revolution was started by a Declaration of Independence the essence of which is: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.--  That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,--”


I have read and understood these words, from grammar school through college and beyond, that have always represented, to me, the essence of both individual Liberty and a government responsive to the people who elected them.


The Declaration goes on to say: “…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem to most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


In 1787 the Constitutional Convention was held and a brilliant document, The Constitution of the Untied States of America, was forged.  Madison is quoted as saying, “If men were angels no laws would be necessary…” Alas, men are not angels and thus the Constitution set forth basic laws and a system of government whose operation and care was put into the hands of elected officials determined by the voters.  This three-branch system was designed to limit the power of government over the citizen and to not have negative impacts on the rights of the citizens.  The framers were so adamant that our basic Rights were to be inviolate they added the first ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, so that there would be no doubt of the limitation on that government thus created.


Are you a Citizen or Subject?


Our present government seems to have lost sight of those basic rights and continues to overstep its bounds.  Over the last 80 years our elected congressional representatives have walked away from their duties of crafting legislation by creating administrative agencies that create rules and regulations enforceable at law.  These administrators are NOT elected and not answerable to us, the citizens, who own and must control, the government. We now have a President that wants to dictate through administrative agencies (using OSHA to mandate vaccinations) just what we citizens can now do or say. That is just one glaring example.


Citizen or Subject?


A group of parents raised their voices at a school board meeting against certain subjects being taught to fertile young minds.  These parents were labeled as domestic terrorists by the Department of Justice and investigated by the FBI. There was no evidence of terrorism.  No violence, guns fired, fires started, or windows broken.   Yet, some of these parents, labeled as terrorists, are being harassed and intimidated by their very own government.


And this is but one example.  Who controls your child’s education?  What rights do you have to share your values with your child? Are your children your children? Or are they the children of the state? 


Citizens or Subjects?


If you are at all aware of what is happening you should be very concerned with the direction the woke Democrat party is leading this once proud and free nation.


Invaders pouring across our southern border and being welcomed by the President whose oath of office is to “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  


Citizen or Subject?


That voting laws are being ignored and non-citizens are allowed to vote in both New York and California.


Citizen or Subject?


You are responsible for what you are! 


I ask you to join us, the Marin County Republican Central Committee, to elect candidates and FIGHT to remain as we were designed: A Constitutional Republic.

Be responsible!

Be a Citizen!


Jack Wilkinson

2021-22 Chair, Marin County Republican Central Committee


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In 1787 Mrs. Eliza Powel asked Dr. Benjamin Franklin the most serious question of the century; “Well, Doctor, what have we got — a Republic or a Monarchy?" Franklin turned to the woman, and without any hesitation replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

“That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” 


Citizens Choice


Jack Wilkinson



To pursue something is to follow, or chase, such as  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The choice is yours to make.  To pursue a career, a desire to climb a mountain, swim a river or run a marathon.  To write a book, a song or a poem.  To build a house or bake a cake.  Any and all are your choice, which is why it is part and parcel of the American ethos. 


That ethos is spelled out in the second paragraph of The Declaration of Independence.  The right to that choice is granted by our Creator and is an unalienable Right.  “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. Our Constitution was written to limit government. To make sure that the RIGHT to pursue, to make whatever choice we, each of us, wishes to pursue remain ours we MUST fight the tyranny of the administrative state composed of unelected bureaucrats that write regulations that have the full force and effect of law. 


Our government was set up in three equal branches, Executive, Judicial and Legislative.  Three equal but separate branches. Our government was not designed to impose tyrannical rules on subjects. Our government was designed to serve the citizens.

Unfortunately, it appears that we are losing that idea to an ever-increasing administrative state. Our Life and Liberty are being directed by the tyranny of the minority.  

It also appears the Democrats are encouraging this trend and becoming the party of tyranny.

Your choice will be determined by whether you want Freedom and Liberty. Do you want to live under the yoke of the unelected bureaucrats?

Our Constitution was written specifically to LIMIT the intrusion of government into our INDIVIDUAL lives.  We, the voting citizens, must reclaim our American birthright.


Vote Republican.

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