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A County Central Committee
(Not a "Club")

The Marin County Republican Central Committee --aka the MarinGOP-- is a county level political party committee. While we occasionally host social events --mainly as fundraisers-- we're not a club. We're definitely not a "private" club. We welcome the presence and involvement of all Republicans & we welcome "political refugees" who are, perhaps for the first time, taking a serious look at the Republican party. That said, if you want to join a Republican social club the MarinGOP is proud to recognize the following organizations as "affiliates." 

Want a nice speaker lunch with the ladies? Marin has two distinct Republican women's clubs.

Interested in the Log Cabin Republicans? Yes, there is a Marin Chapter of the LCR.

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Log Cabin Republicans of Marin

The Log Cabin Republicans recently celebrated their 45th birthday. The Marin chapter of LCR frequently co-operates with the San Francisco LCR to plan events.

LCR members are activity volunteers at a state and local level. On-line the LCR is taking a stand against the ludicrousness of cancel culture and standing up for the rights of individuals.

The Next LCR Event Will Be On June 25th in San Francisco

Marin Republican Women, Federated

Marin Republican Women, Federated is one of the two Republican Women Federated clubs in Marin.

MRWF holds regular speaker luncheons, potlucks & charity volunteer days.

For more information about MRWF activities check out their website or Facebook page.

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Novato Republican Women, Federated

The Novato Republican Women, Federated is a dynamic volunteer organization of Republican Women established in 1961 and affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women and the California Federation of Republican Women.

Novato Republican Women, Federated is the largest conservative women's club in Marin County, Californ.


NRWF's mission is to organize and develop programs and opportunities that increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through education, active citizenship and community service.

To further this mission NRWF hosts regular speaker lunches, cocktail parties and special events. 

For more information about NRWF check out their website or Facebook page.

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