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The Communications Committee --a.k.a. "Com Com"-- is one of the standing committees of the Marin Republican Central Committee.

Our watch words are: Promote, Protect, Persist!

Communicating an effective message is always a team effort. 

Our current communications team consists of Kernan Jang, Sarah Nagle & Oliver Sloane.

The current Communications Chair is Sarah Nagle.

If you want to help us communicate our message check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and click share. And please consider signing up for our email newsletter. (Think of our newsletter as all the news social media wants to cancel. Fifteen hundred people a day read our emails. Why don't you?)

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Social Media, emails, newsletters, texting, slate mailers, press releases, palm cards, op-eds, content creation & so much more...

The Bylaws of the MCRCC state that the Communications Committee: Shall organize programs aimed at two objectives:

  1. Outbound: increasing awareness of the the MCRCC’s goals and activities throughout Marin County and

  2. Inbound: increasing the MCRCC's understanding of the issues and priorities of the issues and priorities of the conservative and moderate residents of Marin County that the MCRCC represents. The Communications Committee's chair shall serve as the MCRCC's principle contact person with the press. The MCRCC Chairman with the advice and consent of the MCRCC shall appoint the Chairman and other committee members.


Questions? Ideas? Hate-mail? Contact us!

The Communications Committee Doesn't Live On Social Media! Our Primary Purpose Is "Communications" --We Communicate In Any Venue We Can! Yes, We Run An E-Mail List, Write Letters To The Editor, Write Op-Eds When We Can & Do In-Person Outreach At The County Fair! We Do Retail Politics! We Are An Out Of The Box Committee!

Getting to know you... getting to know all about you...
To communicate a message effectively, the communications committee spends a lot of time listening... As a result we know a lot about what makes Marin Republicans tick.

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