Marin County Republican Central Committee Election Integrity Committee

Get Involved

The Marin County Republican Central Committee Election Integrity Committee --or "M.C.R.C.C.E.I.C"-- is one of the many subcommittees of the Marin GOP. Chris Carpiniello, the Chair of the MCRCCEIC would like to welcome all concerned citizens to join his sub-committee. Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of the month.


Election Integrity

The MCRCCEIC subcommittee believes that election integrity is the single most important issue we face as American citizens. This problem is not limited to the USA. At best digitized elections systems across the globe unknowingly encourage fraud and, at worst, they may have been engineered to allow for and even encourage it to happen.

The VCA (Voter’s Choice Act) is part of the process of enabling fraud by watering down the process and creating more vulnerability in our systems. This sub-committee stands in opposition to the VCA.

The Way Forward

The MCRCCEIC believes that the way forward is paper ballots, voter ID, precinct level voting and counting as well as full forensic audits of all digitized election systems such as have been adopted here in Marin and elsewhere. Having all voting take place on Election Day with proper allowances in place for those with special needs, wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Election Day