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Finance & Events!


The Finance Committee is one of the standing committees of the Marin County Republican Central Committee. As an all volunteer organization we primarily fund ourselves through fundraisers. No, we do NOT just have "parties" for the fun of it, we host events --and parties-- to raise MONEY for the local Party! (Our outreach efforts are entirely dependent on our human and monetary resources. Every dime we spend is raised by our Finance & Events committee.) As a result, the Finance Committee is also the Event Committee! If you have attended a MarinGOP event --perhaps our ever popular Christmas party, our Summer Fun Bay Cruise Fundraiser, or one of our Lincoln Dinners-- it was planned and put together by the Finance Committee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is traditionally led by the MCRCC Vice Chair. 

Our current Vice Chair, Tom Montgomery, is assisted on this committee by, Oliver Sloane, Chris Baer, Diane Tallen and Sarah Nagle. The Chairman of the MarinGOP, Jack Wilkinson, is an ex officio of the Finance Committee.


Have You Joined The Club Yet?

Contrary to popular opinion, the MarinGOP receives no funds to sustain our all-volunteer operation from the CAGOP, the RNC, any presidential candidate, or any other Republican organization. We raise the money ourselves to fund the county-wide Republican slate-mailer we put out in every even election year, as well as all of our other activities. If you want to help out please consider signing up to contribute monthly as a member of our "Rail-Splitters Club" --for a five dollar monthly commitment we'll send you early-bird notifications of all of our upcoming events. Whatever money you choose to contribute to the MarinGOP will be spent locally on Republican activities in Marin.


Have a question about an upcoming event? Contact Thomas Montgomery, the head of the Finance & Events Committee!

The Finance & Events Committee of the Marin GOP is responsible for raising the funds necessary to keep us going. We don't just have events to have a "nice party" --we're here to raise the money the party needs.

We did such a good job raising money at our 2023 Cruise that we're doing it again in 2024. Tickets are on sale now. Click here if you would like to buy tickets for the 2024 Summer Republican Cruise. 

We Hold Events to Fund our  Various Local Efforts

Pictures & Video Below Are From Our 2023 Three Hour Cruise Summer Fun Fundraiser

Don't Worry, Gilligan Wasn't On Board

In 2023 the MarinGOP Finance & Events Committee Hosted 3 Successful Major Events  

It has been a long road back from the good old days pre "shut down." Prior to shut-down we could easily find venues that would host 300+ Republicans in Marin. (Right before shut-down in 2020, we brought Congressman Devin Nunes to town and hosted 300+ local Republicans at a major sit-down dinner. The Russian Collusion Hoax was real.) Facing reality, we opted to host 3 separate events in 2023 that each had a goal of a hundred plus guests rather than focusing on one large 300 person gathering. In June we hosted a successful fundraiser sunset cruise on the Bay and sold more than 140 tickets. In December we hosted our profit making Christmas Party in a new venue in Novato and again sold more than a hundred tickets, and in late December we hosted a fireside chat at a different venue in Novato and again had over 100 people register to attend.

Going forward in 2024 we plan on again following a quarterly event model.

We are already planning our 2024 Boat Cruise.

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June Cruise!
A good time on the Bay & good fundraiser for the Party!
Yes, the proceeds from our Sunset cruise will help pay for half our slate mailer costs in a General Election! The views were great, the company was great, and Republicans danced and had a good time. 

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Christmas Party!
We never plan to make a major profit on our end of year party, but we always make a profit. We also think it is important to maintain a sense of community for our often "lonely" Republican community in Marin. (And yes, in 2023 we made a profit. As always.)

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Fireside Chat!
Events are NOT just about raising money, we always learn something. We spent much of 2023 focusing on local issues --however, anti-Semitism is also a local issue. So, we decided to host a Fireside chat in late 2023. The format seemed overwhelmingly appealing to our guest list & we plan on hosting a series of fireside chats in 2024.

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