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A Different View: The States that Matter

Perspective is tough.... Taking a step back and trying to figure out what matters instead of getting lost in the heat of the moment is really tough. Especially when it comes to politics. I'm not a political animal. O.k. ... I write the "Millennial Republican" blog for the MarinGOP, but I'm not a professional Republican. I don't get paid. I don't have a budget. Sometimes I get lucky and someone helps me with pictures or video. Last month I got really lucky... I met a GREAT videographer who just wanted to do a passion piece. So we did... We made our own version of a Trump-tilla video. Not as many hits as something on youtube, but ours and from the heart. And true. You can see it here. For me America is an eternal story... because our values are special and our view is unique.

But sometimes it all gets lost in the fog. And political stories can be messy. The story can change in a few minutes because what "everyone" is talking about can change in a minute.

Right now a LOT of people are obsessing over polls. Armchair closet Republicans are text messaging me their doom and gloom predictions. Angry New Left types who live less than than twenty miles from where I am tapping this out --while wearing my pajamas, which by the way are Made in America pajamas-- are threatening "truth and reconciliation" committees post election to "re-educate" defeated Republicans. Well.... we aren't defeated yet. (And I actually think we will win.) And I'm not willing to go in the closet. So.... I went out on the rocks... Did something I don't do much, put myself front and center. I've never liked to be in the middle of a crowd, or the middle of a picture. I'm usually the one taking the pictures of the group. I'm a little shy. I had the "non speaking role" in the only school play I was ever in. I'm comfortable letting other people have the spotlight. But right now too many people are afraid. Especially in California. Being a Republican in California right now means that angry old lefties with peace sign bumper stickers scream curses and shout threats through the windows of their cars at anyone who seems like a possible "Republican." I don't like to be in the middle of a picture --it isn't really me. But I'm not scared of letting the "New Left" know that I don't agree with their dictates. So this is it... I'm on the record and on video. Ten days before the election. The states that matter.

I was looking for a different view. And I think the different view I found was the courage to come out with my own opinions.. Sometimes you need a different view. Sometimes you need a different perspective. Sometimes you need to be on the other side of the water to really see a city. Sometimes you need to be on the outside to understand a story.

Sometimes I think America is like being out in the cold looking across the water at a city. We have a different perspective. We have a different view of the world. Too many people forget that. So... I had the courage to get in the middle of the picture. Do you have the courage to share it?

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