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Antifa Revealed: Twenty-First Century Fascism?

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

On the first day of a new year it is traditional to make resolutions. Last night, for the hundredth time, the city of Portland burned with riots and low level rage. I think we should all, collectively, make the resolution to stop believing the lies of Antifa and the media.

We can't afford to keep buying lies. We can't afford to keep ignoring the urban warfare that is destroying a dozen American cities. We can't afford to accept this as the "new normal."

We need to take a long, cold, logical look at Antifa and see them for what they are. We put together a montage of the riots and violence that has been swept under the rug by the internet censors. It isn't even the WORST violence. We didn't show you the elderly woman who was assaulted in her Rochester, New York, jewelry store when the mob decided to sweep down her street. We didn't show you the crying teenage girl surrounded by an angry mob. We didn't show you the "CHAS" leader armed with a baseball bat casually beating up a guy. But we think everyone should watch this. Watch, share and acknowledge the reality in front of you. Antifa is a violent organized Fascist-style revolutionary front.

(We have uploaded two versions of this short film. The versions are identical except that the top one is in a much higher resolution. The one below is a lower resolution. If your internet is slow --like my home internet-- you will have an easier time watching the version below.)

My father watched this and pointed out that I should tell everyone over and over again that this is MODERN footage. All of this footage was shot in the last 3-4 years. This is NOT footage from Kristallnacht. But it looks just like Kristallnacht. This is a mob taking control of the streets. This is a mob on the war path intent on beating down the innocent.

We used some footage from Berkeley. Berkeley, I have heard, used to be so beautiful. I'm a Millennial so I wasn't at Berkeley in the days when students gathered on the lawn to listen to the Dean in 1940 tell them that it was their duty to defend liberty. And that liberty was under threat. But I met a woman who was there that day. She never forgot it. Many of her male classmates left school and laid down their lives on foreign shores to ensure that the "Home Front" remained safe. Many of her sorority sisters went to work in shipyards and factories. They all made sacrifices, and did so without virtue signaling but with a lot of genuine virtue.

The "Greatest Generation" was great because they stepped up and faced reality. Collectively we are now ignoring reality. We are living in an increasingly dangerous state of denial. We are allowing mobs to run rampage through the streets and lie to us.

If you sit down and take a long cold logical look at the actions of “Antifa” you start to realize something: Antifa is a Fascist revolutionary front. Yes, the big lie of Antifa, the big lie no one in the media wants to confront, is that this band of street thugs and campus radicals who CLAIM to be opposed to Fascism are in FACT using all the classic tactics of Fascism. Be afraid, be very afraid. Denial is insanely dangerous. Ignoring reality, telling ourselves it can't get worse, or "it" can't happen again, is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t be naive, the woke violent and stupid street soldiers of Antifa are seizing power for their Progressive lords and masters. And if we give an inch they will destroy us all. We need to confront Antifa for what it is, we need to stop believing lies. Because if we don’t, if we delude ourselves and say it isn’t that bad… it will get so much worse. Antifa is the enemy. And they want to destroy us all. They want to destroy our way of life, our safeties, our freedoms. They aren’t opposing “Fascism” they ARE a Fascist front. And we need to fight them on every front and call out every organization, every academic institution, every corporation and every politician who wants to give Antifa a free pass to destroy America.

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Derrick Main
Derrick Main
Jan 22, 2021

Lauren Southern has made an excellent film focusing on the issues surrounding policing, brutality, race, law and order.

This film is very thorough in covering all perspectives from current events to history going back to the 1960’s.

Here is the link to the film:


How the govt officials would tie the hands of our Police is beyond me and why they would is insane! Antifa clearly is about destroying our way of life and to what gain? Certainly we know they are paid to do what they do and none of them has the commitment to do anything alone. They always are in a band taking out their "paid rage" on the person who is alone, separated from the group, or unable to defend themselves. COWARDS ALL! America is selling her soul to those who hate her and wish to destroy her from within.

Derrick Main
Derrick Main
May 29, 2021
Replying to

Some government officials are in sympathy with Antifa and their ilk.

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