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Biden's Big Speech: Should Americans Ask a Few More Questions?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Did you watch President Joe Biden's speech last night? Apparently a lot of people didn't. Admittedly it was slightly more interesting than the OSCARs... And possibly even slightly more relevant. But as the New York Post put it, the event was a surreal example of "mask theatre" and failed to "sell" the Biden-Harris Administration's plans. Possibly because the average American can spot a bad deal, mask or no mask.

Politicians have a painful history of trying to be folksy and talk about the "ordinary" Americans who are helped by the actions of government policies. President Biden stuck to that same old worn out script sharing anecdotes about a "single mom" helped by his stimulus plans. For the record, if Joe Biden actually thinks a $1,400.- one time cash payment to a "single mom in Texas" can pay for rent, food for two or more people, and a doctor's visit, President Biden is REALLY out of touch.

Admittedly Joe Biden has been in politics for over four decades and Hunter Biden is the "smartest guy" he knows (which is a frankly terrifying statement... but maybe all of Biden's cabinet picks really ARE LESS intelligent than Hunter Biden) but really, how out of touch can you get? Unlike any member of the Biden family I've paid rent in Texas in the 21st century. I'm going to state what should be obvious, a $1,400 "relief payment" does NOT make up for a year's worth of a lost income. Guess what, if you want to wear two masks I fully support your right to wear two masks... but if you lie to the American people you deserve no respect.

Last night we heard a lot of lies and pablum from President Joe Biden. This is nothing new, we've let the politician known as Joe Biden lie to America for longer than I've been alive. He's "good old Joe." He's the "blue collar" guy from "Scranton." Forget the fact that he left Scranton over half a century ago and has been in elected office for longer than I've been alive. He has no new ideas. Evidence suggests he just has bad old recycled ideas. But Joe Biden does know how to deliver a talking point well. Frankly even these days he is still a better public speaker than Kamala Harris. Remember her? Joe Biden is the guy Kamala Harris accused of being a racist almost exactly a year ago. (If you have forgotten that special moment you can check out the footage by clicking here.) Oh well... politics.... Joe Biden is the donkey Kamala Harris decided to hitch her wagon to to go national. Sad. What a difference a year makes. Kamala Harris couldn't make it through the Iowa primaries on her own and didn't get much traction from accusing Joe Biden of racism. Now... she's wearing a mask while sitting behind Joe Biden. Now that is a career arc.

Unlike whoever wrote Joe Biden's speech, most Republicans actually think America and Americans deserve better than pretty lies and buzzwords. Americans deserve a vibrant economy with jobs, not grants. A year and a half ago we had that kind of a world. As Republicans we believe in opportunities for all. Not pretty words and lies. We actually believe in choice. President Joe Biden spent a lot of time last night talking about how people should not have to "make a choice between daycare and jobs." As Republicans we believe in an America where people have real choices. We believe in an America where you shouldn't have to scam the system to lower your deductible or get a grant for childcare. We believe in an America with a vibrant economy where average Americans don't have to work the system to survive, or get worked over by the system if they're too tired to jump through the bureaucratic hoops. We believe in an America that is actually fair, not a place where a career politician who has been carrying water for banks and credit card companies for DECADES gets to mouth off about "making corporate America pay their fair share." (By the way... if you have been listening to Joe Biden talk about taking on the banks and having a moment of confusion because his actual political career suggests he spent thirty years helping banks hurt consumers... you are absolutely correct and the left leaning magazine Mother Jones wrote about Joe Biden's relationship with Delaware banks at length here.)

Soaking the rich is fashionable. Always has been. It has also always been a lie. When the modern "income tax" was first enacted a little over a century ago it was imposed as a fiscally responsible method to raise much needed revenue. It was also presented to the public as a way to make a handful of "rich" people pay taxes. Most Americans never thought THEY'D ever have to pay income tax. Income taxes were supposed to be for the ultra wealthy, not the average middle class working American. Fast forward a century and chances are you are paying income taxes.

But, if you listened to Joe Biden's speech last night you'd get the feeling that the taxes he wants to impose would impact somebody else, a handful of people who need to pay "their fair share." The question is, is it fair to keep pedaling lies to the American people? Is it fair to play a shell game with the American people? Should a bunch of politicians in masks be sitting around lying to Americans? Stirring up resentment? Convincing us that someone else will pay the bills? The reality is that even if you are an average middle of the middle-class earner you will probably end up paying more. Do you want to pay more? Do you want to pay more for less? Do you want a less transparent government? Do you want less opportunity? Do you want a bureaucrat acting like you are receiving a gift when the government sends you some of YOUR OWN money? Or would you rather have a job? Or a vibrant economy where you can start a business? Do you want "free college"? Or do you want an education system that actually offers the average American a decent education at an acceptable cost?

Maybe we all need to pay attention and ask a few more questions.

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