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Biden's Dark Winter: America's Choice

Did you watch the debate last night? The strange socially distanced no big-crowds lets have the moderator purposefully ignore the six thousand pound gorilla in the room debate? Maybe you watched but you turned it off after twenty minutes. That is o.k. I understand. I know a lot of partisans who want the zingers, hate certain moderators, feel the system is rigged. Well... actually a chunk of the media is rigged. And big tech? Oh yeah, Big Tech is in the bag for Joe Biden. (Or Kamala Harris.... it isn't always clear who is top of the ticket on the Democrat ticket this year.)

Back in 2016 I went to a debate watch party... but since then I stay home for debates. And I watch them all. (Even the non debate "dueling town hall thing" we had last week.)

Debate watch parties are fun. But stuck in a room with a crowd of people waiting for zingers, pumped up for "their guy" can be a kind of distracting. I don't really care that much about "tone" or "demeanor" or even who looks taller. (A lot of people are convinced that being a few inches taller equals a couple of extra points at the ballot box.) But I do care about words. Words matter... even in the midst of polished platitudes and rambling irrelevancies.

Once in awhile, even in the heat of debate, even a career politician says something that is true. Joe Biden has been campaigning for one political office or other for longer than I have been alive. He had a lot of polished platitudes last night, he was trying to be the zinger guy. The comforting zinger guy. Apparently media experts have told him women want to be "comforted" by a guy who "listens to the experts." As a woman I can tell you I really do NOT feel comforted by Joe Biden at all. (I know a LOT of women who are terrified of the idea of a Biden presidency.... they're small business people and they know the higher taxes that will be wrapped up in the Green New Deal that has been promised to the angry New Left is going to be bad for small business. And is NOT just about taxes, the paperwork can kill you if you are a small business. Audits aren't a big deal for big corporations with a big staff, they are a nightmare for your small mom and pop business. Get audited? That is the year you don't take the kids on vacation because mom doesn't have time, she's digging through paperwork ten hours a day for two weeks.)

But Joe Biden said something sort of significant last night. He used the phrase "dark winter" a couple of times. (Doubtless practiced.) And he was using the phrase to refer to Donald Trump. (I think... I'm never exactly sure what Joe Biden means these days. I'm not sure he knows what he means either. Sometimes he seems to think he is running for Senate rather than President.)

But listening to Joe Biden I realized that those words, those polished words, do mean something... We are potentially facing a Dark Winter. Actually, for a lot of us it has been a Dark Summer. The reality is the last six months have been hard. Small businesses have been murdered. (You can read about it here.) People will have to fight to rebuild the lives they had back in February.

And that is the question voters will have to answer for themselves when they vote. Do we think we can rebuild our lives in Donald Trump's America? Or in Joe Biden's "Dark Winter." The fact is I think a Joe Biden presidency would usher in a dark winter for America and the world. We have a lot of enemies. A lot of enemies. Out there in the real world --not the social media world of "zingers" and people trembling over "divisiveness"-- the wolves are sharpening their claws.

And we are being lied to.... We aren't just being lied to by politicians. (Everyone assumes a politician lies.) We are being lied to by the media. We are being censored by Big Tech.

Along with watching debates --even the boring ones-- I read newspapers. I read the whole story. Not just the headlines. And the biggest story in the world right now wasn't even mentioned last night at the debate, it is being censored by Big Tech.

People on social media complain about being in "Facebook Jail" when they get locked out of their accounts for 30 days for whatever.... that is irritating. And wrong. But this is bigger than "Facebook Jail." Right now almost the entire media --social media, twitter, facebook, whatever-- is censoring and blocking a story the New York Post broke about eight days ago. If you don't know the New York Post I should probably tell you about it... It isn't the Washington Post, and it isn't the New York Times. The New York Post is traditionally the workingman's paper of the New York City region. Scrappy, tough... Headlines sell papers and the New York Post chases headlines. Gangland killing? The Post will have the pictures. Mafioso funeral? The Post will be there. Headless Body in Topless Bar? Oh yeah, the Post was there. The New York Times is snooty.... "gentlemanly" and very much in the bag for the Democrats. The New York Post will go against anyone. (They spent years fighting with Donald Trump when he was a private citizen --I suspect both Trump and the Post enjoyed the experience tremendously. A good fight can keep you on your toes. The Post lives on its toes. So does President Trump.) More importantly... The New York Post knows what a bagman is... A bagman seems to be what Joe Biden's son was... (Hey the Post's writers feel comfortable using the term because I'm guessing their legal team told them they have the verifiable dirt. So I'm using the term.) But if you are reading the MarinGOP website you probably don't come from the hardscrabble world of the Post. So I'll tell you what a "bagman" is in New York... A bagman is the guy who carries the bag and collects the payoffs. (Back in the day in Harlem it actually was a bag, and the payoffs were cash.) The New York Post is calling Joe Biden's son, Hunter, a bagman right now because of his dealings with China and Ukraine. Hunter apparently left a bit of a paper trail... O.k. a huge data dump of dirt. Laptop? Cellphones? A Harlem bagman would be ashamed to be as incompetent as Hunter Biden.

Right now big tech is censoring the New York Post. Twitter won't let them tweet. As far as I am concerned what we are seeing this month is a full-on assault on the First Amendment. Do you want to live in a country where Big Tech can shut down the biggest political story in the world? Maybe the biggest political scandal in America in almost a hundred years?

As far as I am concerned... If we lose free speech we are living in a dark winter.

Free speech is a fundamental American right. If you trade it away --as the left leaning press seems eager to do-- for short term political gain you are fundamentally harming America.

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