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Boycotting Facebook? Don't Worry, We'll Bring You the Highlights!

Are you boycotting social media? Hey... we UNDERSTAND! The internet is, in general, a toilet bowl. (But less, significantly less, useful than the average toilet bowl.) We would like to reassure you that back in 2020 when Facebook "cracked down" on free speech we made a commitment to NEVER spend a dime of the MarinGOP's money buying advertising with any of the tech titans. If a corporation supports cancel culture we are extremely comfortable cancelling THEIR access to our money. But we'll keep fighting the good fight for free on social media. We get trolls, we get thumbs up, we get new followers and we reach a new audience.

But we understand if you are pursuing a more intense social media boycott. So we're going to post our daily links here. What's a "daily link"? Well.... we try and find one news story or announcement every day that we "re-introduce" to our thousand plus followers on social media. Think of it as an aggregation, a daily diary if you will, of stories both local and international. Wonder why it is such an odd collection of links? Hey... We're all volunteers. Plus, we're messing with the tech algorithms. The algorithms don't want us to share "conservative" stuff, but algorithms don't understand sarcasm. So on a regular basis we congratulate Hunter Biden on continuing to be the smartest guy Joe Biden knows (recent history suggest that may be true, scary, huh?) So... realize, the excerpts and links below are put together on the fly and designed to beat the algorithms. But you might find them interesting. A month of social media without the nasty pop ads.

1) Have you heard about the priciest #scandal in #California lately? Please, #math isn't that hard, and this is OUR #money. And a LOT of money. It is a disgrace that as hardworking #Californians were struggling to file for their EARNED benefits #scammers and thieves were successfully stealing a fortune and the state was paying no attention. Click here to see the video!

2) It is August 1, 2021 and apparently #California does NOT have a monopoly on #hypocritical #politicians. Apparently Mayor #Bowser went to a #wedding recently. With people... inside... and she forgot an important part of her face wardrobe. Oh well... different rules for me and thee? And people wonder why the #citizens are less than thrilled by the words of wisdom that fall from the lips of our #elite "leaders".... You can see the piece by clicking here!

3) It is August 3rd, 2021 and #MarinCounty is masking up again. May we suggest this #mask? Make a statement in the supermarket. #citizens deserve to be heard. We have t-shirts and more at the office if you want to make a statement.

4) Apparently some are more "equal" than others? Maybe we should ALL get together for an Orwell Bookclub? Barack Obama had a flashy big no social distancing party. Because "sophisticated" people don't get sick. Hmmm....

5) It is August 4th, 2021 and we would like to remind you that #GavinNewsom has not been the best Governor ever.... And the #MarinGop has been making lists for awhile now. In fact, we posted this back in #January and got some pushback. We even got called "vacuous" because well.... why not. We have lists, and we have links. Share and share again until everyone is aware that there are bigger issues in #California than being "vacuous"....

6) It is August 5th, 2021 and have you been watching the #Olympics? If you haven't you aren't alone. Viewership has slid a bit. But maybe you should be watching how trends in #sports will impact #kids in #schools. Guess what, after four decades of #TitleIX we are no longer guaranteed that women's #college#scholarships go to #biologicalfemales. What is fair? We don't know... we do know most #newspapers are loath to touch this subject. Oh well.... #journalists covering the news is so old fashioned. This is an interesting piece however. Pity our local #newspaper isn't as interested in topics that theoretically interest half the population. Or more.

7) It is August 8th, 2021 and #Marin is planning for more #housing units. Strangely NO ONE seems to be planning for more #water. #Drought and seasonal #shortages are the #newnormal in the west. Partly because as we have built more and more housing we have NOT increased the #reservoir system. To say that it is poor planning to plan a thousand plus new units without expanding the infrastructure to provide more #water for the future residents is an understatement. This is a moment we should not depend on "optimism". At #MarinGOP we like practical solutions to real problems. It is a pity that the media is focusing on the feel good nonsense of saying building in #Novato will be "cheaper" because Novato is less like Marin and more like Sonoma. Water, people. People NEED water. If any building planner or politician is unaware of that fact those people should NOT be in public service in any capacity.

8) It is August 9th, 2021 and do you remember March of 2020? Back then, a mere 17 months ago, no American knew what #lockdowns and #shutdowns were. Or "two weeks to flatten the curve".... oh well, remember how #MarinCounty became one of the first local bureaucracies in #America to declare a lockdown? Well Tuesday we are masking up again. If history is anything to go by this may last months, this may be the new normal, and it may go national. At #MarinGOP we believe in learning from history, not repeating it.

9) #Education is something we should all take seriously. And it should be non-partisan. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, young or old, we should all WANT the #children to get a good education. Unfortunately the #educationsystem has been politicized. In #Oregon highschools are now #diplomamills. Guess what? Fifty years ago a highschool #diploma was WORTH something because it meant the person who had it had attained a certain level of education. Now, apparently, a #diploma doesn't even mean you can read. This is an outrage and a disgrace. #Kids deserve REAL #education not just a piece of paper. And educators who try to hide behind diplomas for everyone don't deserve to be allowed near kids.

10) It is August 11, 2021 and everyone is talking about #Cuomo but we'd like to talk about the six thousand pound gorilla in the room; #inflation ... #inflationisreal but for the last 8 months the media hacks have been trying to ignore the reality any average #American has seen at the #supermarket or the #gaspump. Inflation is like a hidden #tax on savers, workers and average people. Inflation is really scary for #seniors on fixed incomes. So at the moment, we think inflation is far more serious than #Cuomo. After all, he won an #Emmy.... He'll be fine. His staff all have #twitter accounts. The question we care about is, how will ordinary #Americans get through a period of high inflation? What if inflation really is the #newnormal?

11) September 14th, 2021... Judgement day for Gavin Newsom.

12) It is August 12th, 2021 and we would like to talk about the human cost of #inflation, the #hypocrisy of #hollywood and the real world. Four months ago the #trolls and the "journalists" at the #nytimes alike were claiming #inflation wasn't real. Now they've accepted that it is "real" but not something to fuss about. So... we're going to talk about #hyperinflation and what happens to ordinary people when an economy gets REALLY bad. Hyperinflation happened in #Germany nearly a century ago. It has BEEN happening in #Venezuela for a couple of years now. #Hollywoood types like #SeanPenn used to be real fans of the government of #Venezuela about fifteen years ago. #socialism was the answer they said, they're pretty quiet about the current hellish reality of life in #caracas. We figure a picture is worth a thousand years, so we found this modern montage of #despair#crime#starvingdogs and #malnourished children in modern Venezuela. Remember this.... twenty years ago, when #brittneyspears had just started her career, people in #Caracas had #toiletpaper#beer#chicken and #lightbulbs. This is what #inflation can do to a prosperous country. As for #SeanPenn the one time Marin resident? Maybe we should ask him what he thinks of Venezuela these days. Marin county can feel pretty out of touch and isolated, but those of us who live in Marin and have a voice should not be using that "voice" to cheer on the destruction of someone else's way of life. Or maybe forgetting the past is the "Hollywood" way... After all, didn't #deniro congratulate #Cuomo on his #Emmy last year? This week.... well where have Cuomo's twitter friends and Hollywood fans gone? The #Emmy was so last year. Human suffering is now. Venezuela is dying. Don't blame it on #climatechange . Look at the pictures.

13) Have you bought something that was made in America lately? We have! Check out the MarinGOP for some "statement" fashion.

14) Have you read Orwell lately? Or are you just living the nightmare? Read it. Read all of it. It is all there.

15) It is August 13th, 2021 and this is a sign of the times. Do you want a sign? We've got them at the office. 4340 Redwood Hwy, F119, San Rafael, CA 94903

16) It is August 14th, 2021 and #schools are trending. Actually, parents and voters and average #citizens getting involved and speaking up at schoolboard meetings is what is REALLY trending. We've been saying for months that the kids obviously are NOT alright. Children deserve better. Children deserve to have us take a few hours out of our day and let the "experts" know we care enough to be aware of what is or is not happening. Too many kids have been left behind by distance learning. Too many children are, rightfully, depressed. Maybe we should all skip lunch on Tuesday and attend the Board of Education meeting at Las Galinas? Info below.

17) Once in awhile a non "professional" writer writes something so true, so on point and so from the heart that any "professional" #journalist probably quivers in jealousy and weeps from shame. The #media is trying to craft a "narrative" about the grassroots and the election next month. The reality is... this election has been nearly two years in the making, it involved over ONE AND A HALF MILLION registered California voters taking time out from their day to sign a petition.... And it really is about big issues. It is about #prisons and #kids and OUR quality of life. And it is about a Governor who is almost as out of touch as the average media hack. So... if you want to read something that is from the heart instead of from the teleprompter THIS should be required reading. Because kids have suffered. And Newsom is too busy playing the victim to even see the real victims of the past year.

18) It is August 15th, 2021 and #American#institutions seem committed to erasing our past. Maybe they don't want people to remember that in a tragedy, at our worst moments, the "experts" aren't the ones who step up and risk it all... instead average #Americans the "classic forgotten men and women" --the kinds of people who usually don't get invited to "sophisticated" parties on the Vineyard-- become heroes. Maybe they always were. We need heroes and we need memorials because the dead deserve our respect and the living deserve some inspiration.

19) And a little bit of fun....Recall the Man video!

20) It is August 16th, 2021 and we would like to remind you that #Progressives REALLY ARE by definition the people who want to use #bureaucratic tools and "policy" to #legislate every aspect of your life. Including what you eat. Basically if a Progressive can't chide you into sticking to the diet THEY think you should be on, they will legislate away your ability to eat what you want. At #MarinGOP we believe in choice because we believe in #individuals. If you want #salad great! If you want a #burger great... If you want to tell someone else what to do, not great at all.

22) It is August 17th, 2021 and you may want to share this with your friends who think #Republicans are the biggest problem the #lgbtqia community faces. Don't let your friends in denial turn their heads away from this.

23) We have t-shirts. #madeinamerica practice YOUR free speech rights! Want one?

24) It is August 18th, 2021 and #universities are apparently fostering a "culture" that STIFLES #debate and #freespeech. In 2021 this is sadly the #newnormal a "controversial" speaker is invited to campus and gets shut down with threats and expletive laced howls. Victory is then declared by the angry mob, guess what? When the mob wins the individual loses. In fact, when you can't even LISTEN to some ideas you are being ROBBED. And considering the high cost of #tuition maybe we should consider it highway robbery. So... Work project for the day... If you are a graduate and your university is hitting you up for a donation ask them about free speech on campus. If you are shopping around for a school, ask about free speech? Are visiting academics regularly assaulted on the quad? If so... you might want to find another school. Don't let free speech get murdered on the campus.

25) Remember#Orwell? Ever read the book #animalfarm? It is a dystopian classic with a CHILLING line, "Some animals are more equal than others." If you look at the current, ahem, #refugeepolicy aren't you tempted to say "Some refugees are more equal than others?"

26) Remember#Orwell? Ever read the book #animalfarm? It is a dystopian classic with a CHILLING line, "Some animals are more equal than others." If you look at the current, ahem, #refugeepolicy aren't you tempted to say "Some refugees are more equal than others?"

27) It is August 20th, 2021 and remember a couple of days ago the BRILLIANT #AntonyBlinken said Kabul was NOT #Saigon? Maybe he should have that conversation with the VEEP, apparently #kamalaharris is planning on visiting #Vietnam! It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Even #aljazeeranews (which these days is torn between protecting the Biden-Harris Administration and celebrating the strange, but predictable, turn the world has taken the last few months) seems to think the "optics" are questionable. Guess what, when a politician is worrying about "optics" it means they got caught looking like they don't care. They probably actually don't care, but they don't want voters to be allowed in on the joke. When you can't even fake caring you know your political career may need an "optics" coach. Ahh yes, good plan, talk about "long scheduled" trips and your ability to do "multiple things at the same time." Maybe the admin needs a better #spin master.

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