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California Republican Women Win: The March For the House

(Michelle Park Steel is the lady in red above.)

Republican women won. Republican women won house seats. Republican women won house seats in California.

I'm repeating those words because there is a good chance you didn't hear it on the news. The news media has a tendency to ignore real stories. And it has a tendency to ignore stories that are positive for Republicans. The news media also has a tendency to ignore stories about women where the women aren't professional victim hustlers. (Maybe it is too much fun to craft a narrative, I mean why bother with news or facts when you have a narrative?) And Republican women are a positive force in American politics.

Republican women rarely get much positive attention in the press. Much like any other Republican who isn't as the Progressive footsoldiers put it "old, male and pale" Republican women are an obvious reality check on the essentially factually incorrect narrative that the press likes to push.

A lot of weird things happened election night. (Actually a lot of weird things happened election "week" some of the weirdest things seem to have happened at 2:00am on a Thursday in metro Milwaukee. But... well, might as well let politics get all old fashioned again.)

Something extraordinary happened in November of 2020 that the press (obviously) is making an effort to ignore.

California Republican women won seats. The last few election cycles have been tough for Republicans in California. The Progressive blight is bleeding out of cities into the 'burbs and a shocking number of voters seem to be in favor of higher taxes and more crime as long as they get the emotional charge of electing Democrats. Or... at least that was the narrative until November of 2020. Back in 2018 Republicans lost House seats in California. It was painful. Ballot harvesting --legal in California, very illegal in other states-- slaughtered us. Morally Republicans don't really believe in ballot harvesting. (And Democrats seem to believe in it even in states where you aren't supposed to do that sort of thing.) But, post 2018 we buckled down and decided to do it... we wouldn't do anything morally repugnant and ethically despicable like "granny harvest." But we would definitely ballot harvest. We'd campaign harder than ever before. We'd get back to our roots. And we'd work really hard.

Republican women are really good at working hard. A lot of us, shock, work. (Yes, your very own Millennial Republican blogger also happens to be a, gasp, woman.) I say "shock" because the media, when they bother to acknowledge that Republican women exist, treat us like dazed and mindless housewives. It is an appealing "narrative..." It is also factually incorrect. A lot of Republican women sort of balance it all... We have jobs, businesses, we do volunteer work, we're active in the community. And some of us run for public office. And we generally DON'T run for public office on the coattails of a husband or ex-boyfriend/mentor. (As a woman I genuinely feel a little embarrassed by how eager my Progressive female acquaintances are to kickstart their careers as, ahem, "plus-ones." And yet they DARE call Republican women names? I figure they're jealous. As they should be. We go places on our own merits. They go places with men they despise and spend a lot of time with people with NO merits. No wonder they are so angry. I would be too if I had to live my life that way.)

Two California Republican Women who are REALLY good at working hard will now be working for us in Congress. With 98% of the vote counted it looks like Michelle Park Steel (CA-48) and Young Kim (CA-39) won their elections. They went up against incumbent Democrats who outspent them. And the Republican ladies won. They will be among the freshman congress of 2021. And the freshman congress of 2021 will include more Republicans and more Republican women.

Michelle Steel and Young Kim deserve our support and congratulations. The press, eager to celebrate any "Progressive" woman for anything, is very good at ignoring the real accomplishments of a Republican woman. (In fact the media has gone all in on censoring any positive mention of any accomplishment by a Conservative woman. You can read about that here. Please share... because censorship is Un-American.) The media is EXTREMELY good at ignoring the accomplishments of Republican Women who happen to not be white. Republicans aren't into token-ism you see. But the media is. And the media has crafted a narrative of the "whiteness" of Republicans versus the "diversity" of the Democrat Party. Guess what? That is fake. Republicans these days can be anything. Because the Republican Party is the REAL party of diversity. Diversity of thought, diversity of faith, diversity of experience.... (Oh yeah, all that token-style diversity Democrats pretend they love too.) The Republican party sees people. We see individuals, not demographics. And we see the quality, strength and value in women like Michelle Steel and Young Kim.

Personally I'm looking forward to seeing what Michelle Steel and Young Kim will accomplish in Congress. But I know I'm going to have to LOOK for them. The media won't give them much playtime. They'll be ignored. They're quality you see... and the media doesn't want to risk letting regular not-too partisan not-too engaged voters see the authentic quality of Republican women. Because if more regular voters saw the quality of women like Young Kim and Michelle Steele more voters would vote for Republicans. So... if you care about quality and America, if you care about the accomplishments of decent hardworking women who are the true role models for young girls, it is up to you to tell just 3 people about Michelle Steele and Young Kim.

(Young Kim is in black above. With a happy smile surrounded by her all American family.)

Share and share again.... Until no one can act shocked and claim "no one told them" Republican women can win. Share until no one can claim they didn't know the Republican Party was diverse enough to include women like Young Kim and Michelle Steele.

Young Kim and Michelle Steele are going to work for us. We should be willing to put in a little work for them and share their accomplishments with everyone.

(Oh yeah... Republican men won too... In California! Republicans regained House seats in California. It actually looks like Republicans won CA-21, CA-25, CA-39 and CA-48. Darryl Issa is back. You can read about Issa's Lazarus like come-back here. Republicans didn't just hold the line in the House, we won! And California Republicans may be making a comeback. In some districts we were outspent more than 10-1. And we won. I guess it is good to actually be running in a district that isn't metro Milwaukee.)

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