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Chairman's Letter: Pelosi's COVID Extortion

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

by Jack Wilkinson, 2020 Chair MCRCC The United States of America is a democratic republic. As a democratic republic we, the people, elect fellow citizens to represent our interests in the centers of government whether it be our town, city, state or nation. We are a federal system. Simply put the states have equal power to the federal government as to the laws and operation of state governments, its people and commerce. The federal government covers all the states regarding national issues. Thus, the state and cities of California can institute the “shelter in place” system of fighting the contagion of CCP COVID19 disease. A number of cities across the nation have done so at great cost to the citizens. The main concern is the prevention of a runaway pandemic with a very large number of citizens succumbing to the CCP COVID 19 disease and dying. There is a huge economic cost to such an action. It is estimated that as high as 40% of our population can not meet a $400.00 cash emergency. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck there is a huge cost to this action. In what has been a very robust economy for the last 70 years, from the end of WWll, one can see that such behavior is easy to adopt. We are not making any kind of a judgment but simply stating the facts and the dire situation faced by many of our fellow citizens. Businesses that provide jobs for both the employees and the owners’ have shut down. This denies both the income for food and shelter. And the impact goes on from there. In an effort to stem the worst of the dire consequences President Trump put forth an emergency package of financial aids to help our fellow citizens weather this dangerous and national health disaster. It is a costly program and one that we all hope will stem the worst of the tsunami of economic tragedy ravaging our nation. The CCP COVID19 illness is not a partisan issue. There is no Democrat or Republican behind this. It is a national health problem to be solved by those elected to operate our nation in the best interests of the citizens. Not a political party. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi seems to have a far different idea. She has turned this into a partisan issue by extortion. The essence of extortion by a public officer is the oppressive use of official position to obtain a fee. This known as acting under the color of office. The victim, (the citizens of the United States of America) although consenting to payment, is not doing so voluntarily but is yielding to official authority. President Trump proposed solutions intended to alleviate the worst of the economic consequences. Nancy Pelosi delayed the vote on the bill pending her input. A week later she presents three reams of paper, 1,400 plus pages of amendments and changes to the bill. Most were of a political power grab nature and no where near solving the immediate problems faced by our fellow citizens. Her fee was passage of her amendments. While some of the most egregious elements were removed, too many totally unrelated to stemming the ravages of the economic tsunami, remained. The senate, in order to rescue the economy, and the president, fulfilling his promise to keep America operating, had to sign the bill. That bill, totaling well over TWO TRILLION dollars was passed under extreme duress. Apparently, Pelosi is more interested in her party power in the federal government than her interest in helping her fellow citizens. Is Nancy Pelosi the type of person you want representing you in government? You have an obligation to protect the idea of the United States of America. Please read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Do your duty. Work hard to stem the destruction of this great nation by the Democratic Party. Work hard to get more Republicans elected. Make phone calls, Contribute money. Donate time. Get Involved GO HERE Sign up on our web site: Or, sit back, hope, pray and ….

Josiah Warren Quote Liberty, then, is the sovereignty of the individual, and never shall man know libertyuntil each and every individual is acknowledged to be the only legitimate sovereignof his or her person, time, and property, each living and acting at his own cost. Equitable Commerce, 1848.

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