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Commitment to America: Real Solutions For Real Problems

If you watched television yesterday morning you probably saw Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Congressman Steve Scalise, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and a host of other House Republican leaders unveiling the "Commitment to America" in Pennsylvania.

We heard references to the "Commitment to America" plan a few weeks ago when Congressman Burgess Owens made a guest appearance in California. The plan is actually pretty simple; Focus on the problems that have become a genuine plague on our homes.

We need to focus on the issues that the woke elitists want to tell us aren't real. The reality is our education system is in crisis. Political activist extremists disguised as "educators" are abusing the trust of America's families and have turned too many of our schools into indoctrination centers, instead of places of education. Parents who dare to complain, or ask questions, are being "targeted" by school-boards. Our economy is in crisis. Interest rates are going up and Main Street businesses have been hurting for far too long. Inflation is real. Homicide rates have increased exponentially in dozens of our major cities. (Antifa is organized and dangerous.)

We are currently learning the hard lesson that bad policies have real world consequences. Fentanyl is flooding our country. Drugs aren't just an urban problem anymore. Our schools in Marin County now stock Narcan to help revive students --children-- who have overdosed.

But we can turn the ship of state around. We have a full Republican slate running for state-wide offices. Every one of our candidates, from Brian Dahle to Gene Yoon, is running for office because they see problems, but they also see opportunities. Gene Yoon is a genuine dreamer, he has never stopped believing in the American dream.

We shouldn't stop believing in the American dream either. It is easy to be negative, it is easy to despair. But America has always been worth the work.

We have problems. And we have a chance of fixing them. We can't afford to wait for 2024. We're in it to win it in 2022.

If you would like to help us get the vote out please come to our next meeting on September 29th and get to know some of our great candidates and get involved helping us get the vote out.

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Ok. I’m new here as I am a moderate ego recently switched affiliations. You talk about ‘real problems’ and then start talking about teachers indoctrinating kids? Are you actively trying to push away moderates or just living in a media bubble?

Sarah Nagle
Sarah Nagle
Sep 24, 2022
Replying to

What exactly do you find "moderate" about teachers encouraging young children to have life threatening surgeries? Have you read Abigail Shrier's book? Have you read the r/detrans thread on Reddit? Here's an idea, read these 12 books and then try and argue how anyone can claim to be a "moderate" in this day and age and NOT support the Commitment to America.

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