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Democrat Zombies: Don't Be A Zombie!

An oldie but a goodie.... Maybe more topical today than in the days of black and white and the oh so glamorous silver screen. I have to say... living in Marin... I run in to zombies on a regular basis. People who seem to think Jerry Brown is still Governor (he isn't), Russia is still the USSR (the USSR is not quite as an antique as this movie but it is definitely ahem... a matter of history and has been for decades), and Democrats "care." Sometimes to REALLY care you need to be willing to listen and ask questions. Or just, you know... notice reality. I used to be a Democrat.... But I started asking questions... (I didn't want to be a zombie....) and things changed. So don't be a zombie! And if you are a Democrat... guess what, it is never too late to evolve. Join the living. Stop being a zombie. Stop cruising the aisles of WholeFoods dead-eyed and scared of the Soviet Union! (And carbs, because carbs are scary too....) So... eat the bread or not, but don't drink the koolaid. Escape the zombie world of the modern Left. It is NOT TOO LATE.

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