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Democrats Love Filibusters? Watch the Video Proof!

Filibusters are trending right now... Currently a lot of politically inclined Democrats are suggesting that the "filibuster" is the worst thing for the American Republic since the War of 1812. (Or maybe worse.... the War of 1812 was actually sort of interesting. In some ways it really shaped the entire 19th century and gave rise to the idea that the Americas as a WHOLE would not be a part of "Europe" in any way or shape. So some historians would say the War of 1812 was a success.) But.... do we really need a blast from the past? Maybe.

As of March 2021 a lot of Democrats in the Senate are claiming that the filibuster is some weird new idea dreamed up by Republicans to destroy the Harris Administration's shock and awe onslaught on American tradition. (O.k. they are still officially referring to it as the "Biden Harris Administration" but we all suspect one or the other won't make the cut. Which is a tragedy. At MarinGOP we feel President Joe Biden deserves more respect than the media and the Harris acolytes dish out.)

Well... turns out.... the media is lying about the filibuster being some crazy Republican thing. Either that or a lot of Democrats just can't remember the distant past of 2005. Oh dear....


According to then Senator Barack Obama the filibuster is a necessary part of the checks and balances system of our Republic and it would be a dangerous partisan move to end the filibuster.

Apparently less than two decades ago --when Democrats weren't in power-- then Senator Joe Biden was also a fan of the filibuster. In fact he was a passionate and surprisingly articulate DEFENDER of the filibuster. (Sixteen years ago Senator Joe Biden could actually give an hour long speech that made a lot of sense.) You can see the full 2005 video of then Senator Joe Biden's speech in FAVOR of the filibuster by clicking here. In 2005 Senator Joe Biden thought this speech about the "checks and balances" of our system was probably one of the most IMPORTANT speeches he had given in his then thirty plus year career in politics. The gist of it is that the filibuster is a necessary part of the checks and balances of our system, it defends the rights of minority opinions and ANY "grade school student" should know that our system is about enshrining a system of "checks and balances" for two centuries.

Apparently ending the filibuster would allow the power mad "few" to exert control over the many. Apparently we need the filibuster to avoid the excesses of mob rule. And we need to stick to the morals and values of our founding principles and not depend on any "one man." We agree.

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