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Georgia Saves America: Georgia's Senate Races Are the Last Line of Defense

More than two weeks after the presidential election of 2020 we're still not sure what happened. Although I'm a millennial I can be weirdly patient. As far as I am concerned waiting isn't necessarily bad. And it definitely is NOT historically unprecedented to have a bit of a wait to figure out what happened. The people with perfect hair in the media think a "call" is a result. But a presidential election isn't a horse race... You don't necessarily know what happened immediately. Right now a lot is up in the air on a national basis. (Internationally this will be a critical election too... After two decades of stumbling into wars overseas we've spent the last 3 years avoiding more conflict even as the media sputters and trembles with rage. One of the definite positives of the Trump years for me is fewer Americans coming home in body bags. That may change if there is an administration change. There definitely seems to be a media appetite, and a bureaucratic appetite, for more war.)

But one thing does seem clear right now. Control of the Senate is likely to come down to the Georgia Senate run-offs. Both of Georgia's Senate seats are up for grabs. With a razor thing majority in the House the Democrats are going for the Senate. And Georgia is the key. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are two incumbent Republicans in the political fight of their lives. This will probably be a billion dollar race. For a lot of conservatives, for a lot of modern Republicans, Loeffler and Perdue are not dream candidates. But then again, what politician actually is? I'm on record as opposing circular firing squads. Too often Republicans cut off their own noses to spite someone else's face. And it doesn't matter if you are a Conservative or a Moderate, a Republican lifer or a new style Trump Republican, if you care about the future of America, if you care about the world we will live in in 2021, we can't afford to sit this election out. We can't afford NOT to support Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

As the unpaid blogger for the MarinGOP I see things from a darker perspective than a lot of Republicans. I live in a county where Republicans are a ridiculed minority. Progressives --not a caring or classy lot-- feel comfortable shouting curses at Republican women in the parking lots of supermarkets. Nationally other Republicans make jokes about us. We seem to have lost our way and lost our relevance. But... being perpetually on the outs means you can have a different perspective. Unlike a lot of Republicans I KNOW the true cost of Progressivism. I know what a city on the brink of failure looks like. I know what it is like to see crack deals on the lawn of a suburban library. I know what it is like to live in a very expensive, theoretically "desirable" neighborhood where the politicians tell the police to stand down if an angry mob goes on the rampage. So... unlike a lot of conservatives I KNOW you can NOT afford to wait for the perfect candidate to stand up against Progressivism. I know the first step is to ALWAYS vote against the Progressives. ALWAYS. And the candidates who are opposing Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are as "Progressive" as it gets. So... Please watch this video. And if it speaks to you please share and share again. Make it go viral. Because a billion dollars will be spent on this race. We don't have any money, all we have is heart. And knowledge. We know what losing to the Progressives is like. We know how bad life in Progressive America can be. So please, Georgia.... Please... Save America.

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Derrick Main
Derrick Main
Nov 25, 2020

For those who are seeking the perfect candidate, Jesus in the only perfect person. But he is not running for public office. Everyone else on this planet have flaws and deficits. So back the ones who will do the best, who will get the job done. Or at least are not in league with the devil.

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