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Girl Scouts Censored? What?

Yes. That is the headline. This is where we are in October of 2020. The Girl Scouts have been bullied and intimidated by some of the most powerful people in America. Want to know why? Amy Coney Barrett.

No, Justice Barrett did not bully the Girl Scouts. (I can't imagine Justice Barrett bullying ANYONE. Justice Barrett seems to have an endless supply of class and grace --as well as superlative legal credentials.) The media, a couple of sitting Congress people, and various celebrities --I'm a little out of touch with pop culture so I don't know what some of these people are celebrated FOR.... but apparently they are "celebrities"-- decided that the Girl Scouts needed to be bullied because they pointed out to their girls in the above image --and America in general-- that Amy Coney Barrett just became the fifth woman EVER to be seated on the Supreme Court of the United States and is thus a role model. Quite frankly the lady would be a role model even if she was not our newest Supreme Court Justice. She has managed to successfully juggle having a family --and a large family at that-- with having a career that can only be described as "platinum edged." She is the living embodiment of having it all... Remember when Feminists used to talk about "having it all?" Actually I don't remember... because the Feminists I encountered in college all seemed to think it was impossible to have a "meaningful" career and, gasp, children. Gasp! Amy Coney Barrett did it... if you are in the law in America there is NOTHING more meaningful than the Supreme Court. But apparently Feminists used to think women should have role models who had it all and did whatever they wanted. But those days are gone.... along with the days when we didn't think it was totally normal for a U.S. Congresswoman to shame and bully a bunch of little girls selling cookies.

I guess the Girl Scouts are old fashioned. They thought Amy Coney Barrett was a good role model... Until a few hours ago when they got an insane amount of backlash.

According to CNBC late last night over 2,000 people decided to leave a series of "critical" --some were "critical" in the way the violent assault on a local church in Marin was, ahem, "non violent" this month-- comments on the Girl Scouts' social media pages. The backlash the Girl Scouts received was so extreme CNBC --the business channel-- decided to cover it here. The Girl Scouts thought Amy Coney Barrett was a good role model. Until the social media backlash began. The story became so extreme on social media last night that if you use a search engine right now you will get over eleven thousand hits regarding the "controversy" over the Girl Scouts. The story became so big The New York Post decided to cover it, you can read the Post's quickie article here. This mind you in the aftermath of the World Series. The Dodgers were playing... Admittedly the Dodgers moved west so many decades ago that the only people who seem to remember the Dodgers were once a New York team are the sports writers at the Post (and my dad). But.... The Girl Scouts' twitter account should NOT be breaking news.

But the Girl Scouts twitter account IS breaking news right now because the Girl Scouts became the latest victims of the media and the New Left's new thought police. Disagree with the mainstream media? Get censored! Offend Jack Dorsey? Be silenced. Be a Republican? Get a death threat... (The Marin Republican Women, Federated gets death threats. An organization of about a hundred ladies who raise money for charity, water plants, register voters and do volunteer work gets death threats. Think about that. What is wrong with America that people on the Left think that is o.k.?)

The New York Post is scrappy and tough. Plus... history suggests every editor they have ever had lives for street fights. In the old days the New York Tribune was tougher... but in the old days the New York Tribune kept a loaded cannon on the mainfloor of their building... And Horace Greeley stood by ready to light the charge if the mob tried to swarm through the front door. (By all accounts life in New York City was an epic battle of the titans in the nineteenth century.)

The New York Post is standing up to Twitter. (And printing some epic covers... You can check them out here.) The Girl Scouts? Well the mob silenced the Girl Scouts. And the mob included a couple of major media networks, thousands of ordinary adults who should be ashamed of themselves bullying a bunch of young girls, and sitting U.S. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (she is a Democrat from Massachusetts, primarily famous for being AOC's sidekick). Oddly, the financial page, Marketwatch, did a very good article you can see by clicking here that includes some of the positive and negative feedback the Girl Scouts got.

But we really need to talk about censorship. We REALLY need to talk about censorship. And women's rights. And Feminism. Right now. Because people like Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley are teaching Americans that might makes right and any voice that isn't toeing the New Left's line can and should be silenced. People like Ayanna Pressley are teaching young girls to sit down and shut up. I mean... if you aren't a "Left Wing" Woman you probably aren't even a woman, right? You just identify as a woman. (Yes, that is the weird new language of the New Left. In their world Justice Barrett is NOT a woman. She's just a person "identifying" as a woman... Ummm.... excuse me while I attempt to wrap my head around that piece of verbal nonsense.)

For the record. I am a woman. I don't just identify as a woman. I am a woman. So is Justice Barrett. Some day the vast majority of Thin Mint selling girls will, hopefully, be women too... And guess what, we should all have the right to say what we think. Because we are U.S. citizens. Because free speech matters. And out First Amendment is under assault.

The Girl Scouts folded. I don't blame them. We shouldn't expect a bunch of young girls to fight fights adults are backing away from. Every adult who targeted and bullied the Girl Scouts into silence.... Those are the people we should blame until the end of time. Because they are the foot soldiers of a disgraceful war that is now being waged against free speech. Free Speech is America. Please... if you do nothing else, stand up for Free Speech, or accept a world where anyone can be silenced for anything. (Oh... wait, the titans of the internet are fine with pornography... they mainly just have a problem with Conservatism, and Free Speech and anything positive.) So... stand up for Free Speech. Stand with the Post. Defend the Girl Scouts. Defend anyone who is attacked by the vicious and mindless mean spirited mob. Heck, defend Hollywood if you have to... Because Free Speech is America.

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