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Leftwing Lies vs. Republican Facts

A much wiser and more senior Republican than I am said recently that we are a "sound bite society" now. He is probably right. And that is probably the reason why leftwing lies work. The Left is good at sound bites. Republicans, by contrast, have grand theories and grand old ideas.

We believe in freedom. Republicans believe in freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

We believe in the First Amendment. We believe that shouldn't be a "political" position. We believe ALL Americans should believe in the core values of the Constitution. Our values are core Constitutional values. And perhaps that is why Republicans let the Left "own" the narrative. Because we have facts. We have beliefs. We also have integrity.

The modern Left has a "narrative" which is a fancy word for a story. And the thing about stories is that they often aren't true. Or they aren't entirely true.

But people like stories. And people listen to the Leftwing Lies.

One of the biggest lies the Left tells is that Republicans are racist. They say it so loudly and so persistently that Republicans have gotten bored responding to it.

It is boring to continually respond to a nonsensical lie. Remember the Russia Hoax? Nonsense! But persistent.

The Left's most persistent lie is that Republicans are racist!

Guess what, we are not racist! The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln. The Republican Party is the party of Eisenhower. The Republican Party is the party that ended slavery. The Republican Party is NOT racist. (The Democrats on the other hand... that is a whole other narrative.)

So repeat these simple words the next time someone claims Republicans are "racist." No, Republicans are NOT racist. In fact we are the anti-racist party. The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln. When Democrats were still running around in sheets attending Ku Klux Klan meetings, Republicans were electing black men to the House of Representatives. Think about that. The people who are calling us racists are the political descendants of actual racists! Joe Biden was "mentored" in the Senate by a Democrat named Robert Byrd who was a Klansman. ("Fact checkers" online claim it is no big deal that Byrd was a Klansman because late in life he declared it to be a "political mistake." Well... guess what internet fact checkers... just because you want to rewrite history doesn't mean it stops being a fact. Byrd was a Klansman. Joe Biden's mentor was a Klansman. And you want to call Donald Trump a racist? Does the word "hypocrisy" just leap to mind right now?)

These are the facts. The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln. The Republican Party is the Party that ended slavery. The Democrats, by contrast, have a LONG and incredibly ugly history of race baiting, racism and Jim Crow.

So... for the next few months the Marin Republican Party will be confronting some of the most common leftwing lies head-on. We will be writing a series of short shareable posts confronting Leftist Lies.

If you like our content, if you are tired of lies, if you are tired of false narratives, please do us all a favor and share and re-share again. And check back soon for our next post. What do you say every week we confront a lie? Better yet, why not submit one of your least favorite Leftwing lies to our unofficial team of truth tellers and debunkers? We'll take on anyone.

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Derrick Main
Derrick Main
Dec 01, 2020

We are not white supremacists either. Leftists usually don't have the attention span to listen to facts. They mostly run on emotion. "I feel, therefore I am," is their approach to reality.

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