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Lincoln Dinner

Hi Everyone, I don’t know about all of you but all I can say is: WOW!!! What an evening for THREE HUNDRED SIXTY Marin Republicans, and those who came from afar. This was by far the largest event we have ever hosted and hopefully the first of many more. We are truly humbled by your generosity, enthusiasm and support. We saw many Marin Republicans we had not seen in a long time as well. Thank you for your renewed interest. It meant a lot to us to see you back. Who would have thought that we could have pulled off Devin Nunes coming to Marin, deep in “the belly of the beast”, “behind enemy lines”, AND on top of all that, he was back in his Beechcraft half an hour before the devil knew he’d been here. BTW, the Democrats and Antifa still don’t know what hit them. Mission accomplished. We sincerely hope that our event and special guests have put to rest ANY notion that the Marin GOP is a bunch of RINOs and squishes. Make no mistake about it: We are 110% committed to seeing our President, Donald J. Trump re-elected in November and this dinner was just the beginning to that end. However, we can’t just sit back and rest on our laurels. After the primary next week, we’ll have 8 months to plot and plan our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and Trump support efforts here in Marin. Our executive committee will be meeting soon to lay out our plans for November to be presented to the entire committee for approval so we can move forward and continue “keeping America great again”. There’s also over 120 local offices up for election in our county and we will want to support as many of those candidates, who are Republicans, as we can. So the big item we will need more than anything is a commercial storefront building, hopefully centrally located in Marin in a high traffic area, where we can “setup shop” for the Marin GOP to support all our candidates starting with Donald Trump. If anyone knows anyone who has a building sitting empty that they would let us use (or rent at a steeply discounted rate), that would be fantastic. There can be compliance issues and such (corporate vs private donor) but we can always work through those with proper planning. So have them reach out to Tom Montgomery at the number below if they are interested. We’ll also be needing volunteers to work the HQ when it opens. We’ll setup a webpage for signups shortly and let you know. And of course we always need more money. While the dinner was profitable and has laid a solid financial foundation for our efforts, we can always use more. A French accountant once told me that the words “money” and “enough” should never be used together in the English language. I think he was on to something there as, in politics, that’s certainly true. We’ve setup a special webpage for HQ and GOTV contributions that you can reach from this e-mail. Any further support is greatly appreciatedand we welcome the small to the large. Share with family and friends as well. Once again, on behalf of the entire Marin GOP Central Committee, thank you all for your support. Onward and upwards to victory in November. Tom Montgomery Marin GOP, Vice Chair

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