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Marin GOP Condemns Violence & Supports the First Amendment

Marin GOP Statement on Last Week's Events

Dear Fellow Republican,

Censorship is UN-American. Violence is Abhorrent.

Marin GOP Categorically Opposes Violence and Supports the First Amendment.

Censorship has radically changed this newsletter. This was supposed to be a bullet point update with links to the Marin GOP’s social media accounts. However, over the past four days Conservative voices have been silenced, censored, cancelled or de-platformed. The internet is undergoing a digital purge, tech companies have decided to cancel dissent. George Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984, suddenly seems a lot more real.

As Republicans we have never believed the First Amendment, or the Constitution in general, should be partisan. Regardless of party preference, ALL Americans should support our fundamental rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom to redress our grievances. America has always been about the free exchange of ideas. We may believe your ideas are utter nonsense, but we will defend to the DEATH your right to express those ideas. Censorship is truly the enemy of the Republic. America is better than censorship. America should NEVER be a country defined by censorship and random violence.

However, over the last eight months violence has become disturbingly normal in dozens of American cities. Over the past four days wholesale censorship has become the new norm. At the Marin GOP, we have been opposing both violence AND censorship for months. We have always supported the Constitution.

As Republicans, and outnumbered in a county where merely being “Republican” is considered unseemly, we face a lot of “gotcha” questions. We’re held to account for everything. We’re blamed for events we are not responsible for. Local media pundits criticize us constantly without even asking for a statement, just to further their own agenda of hating everything Republican. Yet, they offer no solutions of their own and nor do they refute or condemn the violence of the last 8 months coming from the Left, only that which comes from the Right. And guess what? We do hold ourselves to high standards.

We believe in personal responsibility, we believe in the Constitution and, most importantly, we believe in America. The Marin GOP has nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing. We defend the First Amendment and we abhor violence, on either side.

When we went on Parler —a social media platform that was “disappeared” from the internet around midnight on January 10th, 2021— we made a commitment to NEVER block a troll. In the roughly three months we were on Parler before it “disappeared” Marin GOP gathered over 260 followers and NEVER blocked a single troll. We kept it classy, we defended the First Amendment, we made our case with words and ideas, not threats. But we accepted that the other side, the obnoxious side, had a right to have a platform as well.

Well…now the Marin GOP and many other conservative groups and individuals don’t have a platform. We have been cancelled. But we do not believe the First Amendment should ever be cancelled.

Free Speech is America. We have been writing about Free Speech and American Exceptionalism in one way or another since July. We have ALWAYS opposed violence. Always. And 2020 was a disturbingly violent year in America. We have opposed “cancel culture,” defended the weak and also defended institutions and individuals who probably hate us. We believe in Hollywood’s right to Free Speech even though many Hollywood stars don’t believe in OUR Free Speech rights. We believe Free Speech is a fundamental, core American value. We always have. We always will.

We are also deeply disturbed by the violence that has been swept under the carpet by the media over the past year. We oppose all political violence. Period. Before Parler was cancelled, we dealt with both Leftist trolls and a few right wing trolls who attacked us because… whatever.

We oppose violence in general as well. We wish the rest of society would be as quick to oppose violence and recognize the dangers America has faced for months. The following footage is brutal and worth looking at slowly and without a media type shaping the “narrative.” This is a montage of political violence, a reminder of what the media has not covered over the past nine months. We want everyone to see this. Everyone.

As of the writing of this post, the Marin GOP still has a blog. You can access our current and archived content on our website under the blog tab .

If you are still on Facebook we still have a Facebook page —although millions of conservative Facebook accounts have “disappeared”— which you can access here

We are also on MeWe —think of it as a more ad-free alternative to Facebook— you can see our page here

Please feel free to follow us on any or all of these platforms. And please feel free to check our website regularly for news updates. We had at least one blog post update a week throughout the Fall of 2020.

Sincerely yours, The Marin GOP

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