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Marin GOP Fighting Censorship

Dear Mr. Spotswood,

You continually astound me with your attacks on the Republican party and our philosophy of individual Liberty.  In your column today you state that we "don't voice explicit examples of Trump’s leadership, decidedness, integrity and “the buck stops here” personal character. We can’t have a legitimate debate without hearing their side." after the intended demeaning of our duly elected President, Donald Trump, as a "reality television star."

That is a cheap shot, Mr. Spotswood.  President Trump has created far more economic benefits to our nation BEFORE he was elected than former President Obama did for our whole nation during eight years.  And in the last 3 1/2 years, burdened and hampered by incessant false charges, he created a great deal of wealth and opportunity for ALL the citizens. Black citizens benefited greatly.

Unfortunately  the IJ and David Allen have refused to print various columns I and others have written.  It seems that Mr. Allen has taken very seriously his role as Censor of ideas not supported by your newspaper (news?) political bias.

The very strong leftward bias of almost all general publications and TV media are deathly afraid of facts that are contrary to their bias.

The left leaning elected in this state have seen the complete failure of any semblance of financial integrity.  We have, and you are aware of, an unfunded liability for pension and health benefits owed far North of 300 BILLION  dollars.   

I have tried to point this out and have been rejected.  Our valiant attempt at democracy is doomed by the very nature of mankind:  Most everyone wants a FREE LUNCH.  The populace will continually vote for the free lunch and the Democrats, ever hungry for the political power of tyrants, will keep feeding them that lunch.  It is not sustainable.  When ever I, or any other Republican, point this out, we are labeled "heartless and unfeeling" ogres. and other nasty terms. 

So, Mr. Spotswood, while I don't expect it, I would be very surprised if you could ever approach a reporting of facts not laced with the poison of your bias.

You wrote a scathing column, a very nasty piece indeed, about a photo of Newsom as Hitler on our web site.  .  However, just a few short weeks later Congressman Huffman blasphemed President Trump as Hitler in his column.  Funny, you had nothing to say there.  Well, not funny at all.  It was expected.

The IJ practices censorship.  We are given strict guidelines as to how to express our ideas.  That appears to me to be censorship.  We can stand to be criticized and yelled at, but if we can't get our words published we can't have any of that.  And the far left that is destroying our publicly owned property runs rampant through our cities, state and nation.

Where are your words of concern, Mr. Spotswood?

Not hearing any I can only surmise that you are in approval of the wanton vandalism taking place.

For Shame, Sir, For Shame!

Jack Wilkinson, 

2020 Chair, Marin County Republican Central Committee

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