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Meet Your Marin GOP Jan. 23rd & Sign THE Recall Gavin Petition

You are invited! The MarinGOP is real and here. We would love to meet you in person. We would also love it if you come by and sign THE RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM petition. So, on Saturday, January 23rd from 10AM to 3PM come on by the office, sign the petition --yes, mask up-- and have a cup of coffee and meet your local MarinGOP.

Where: Marin GOP office. We have an office. The address is 4340 Redwood Hwy, F119, San Rafael, CA 94903. It is an office park and everyone gets lost so just look for building F. We're in the back facing the courtyard. There will be a sign in the window.

When: January 23rd, 2021 10AM to 3PM.

What: Coffee and Recall.

Yes, despite shut-down... maybe because of shutdown, rain, earthquakes, everything, we are trying to recall Gavin Newsom. This isn't the first attempt at recalling Gavin... But we're hoping it will be the last. Want to sign?

If you can't stop in in person and sign you can download it here and sign and mail it in yourself. You can download and sign the petition here! (And mail it in yourself... with an envelope and a stamp.)

Even if you have already signed, stop by and say hi.

This is politics in action. Free speech is the fundamental American right. It really is all about an engaged citizenry. These are volunteer efforts... We aren't getting paid. (There may be some scurillous political hacks out there trying to make a few bucks, but WE are volunteers. We are voters, we are your neighbors. And we are trying to make California a better place.)

And quite frankly we think the stuffed deer is doing more for the citizens of California right now than the Governor Newsom is.... And if you want to know why.... click here and read one of the reasons... It is buried in legalese.... But basically the Governor overstepped and the citizens deserve better.

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