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Meetings! Have you Been to a Good Meeting Lately? Or a bad one?

MarinGOP recently had out LARGEST in person meeting in years. 70+ people showed up on a dark Thursday night to talk about school choice and taxes. It was great. We brought in a guest speaker, we talked about practical solutions. We saw a LOT of new faces. But being an activist, being an ACTIVE citizen is about a lot more than attending partisan political meetings.

Getting together with like minded people and talking about topics you really care about over snack plates is great. But being an involved citizen sometimes involves sitting in front of a schoolboard zoom for hours on end being shocked by the behavior of people who supposedly care about children. (If you want to know WHY schoolboards are complaining about parents it is because a lot more parents finally took a long, boring, shocked look at their local schools and noticed we have a few problems. Most people were oblivious to the problems in the schools until the last year or two. Now schoolboards have to deal with citizens asking serious questions. Like how come 52% of the children currently involved in California public schools can't read at grade level? And by the way... this curriculum is pornographic and would be considered explicit on a college campus let alone a middle school classroom. And how come the plan for math is to just pass everyone to the next grade?)

Being an involved citizen sometimes involves showing up at a city council meeting. Or a water district meeting. Where there is water there is life in the West. Think about what would happen to YOUR life if the water just stopped?

One of our members has been attending city council meetings for MONTHS. He got involved in "partisan" politics because, like a concerned citizen, he thought he should check out what was happening locally at a city council level. Shocked, he showed up at the MarinGOP shortly thereafter. Another good friend has been attending zoom schoolboard meetings for the past year. Face it, the media is NOT going to tell you what is happening. They are going to tell you what they want you to THINK is happening. Or they simply aren't going to tell you anything at all.

But as a citizen it is your right, perhaps your duty, to show up and attend at least one meeting of local government. Think of it as your Norman Rockwell moment. Don't know who Norman Rockwell was? Well.... he what the painter of "America" and American ideals for a couple of decades in the middle of the 20th century. One of his most famous paintings consists of a crowded public room somewhere in New England. A man in a rough barncoat, workhardened hands, and an expression of simple resolve has stood up and is speaking to his fellow citizens. He isn't a man at the podium, he is a man in the audience. A decent man, a hardworking man, an ordinary man who just has something to say. And because America was like that in those days the community listened.

Want to have your Norman Rockwell moment? Want to see what local government is like? Attend a local meeting.

The next local meeting in the county of Marin will be November 2nd, 2021.

Details and links below.

Board of Supervisors Agenda Preview for November 2 The following provides a list of selected highlights from the Marin County Board of Supervisors policy agenda and is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the entire agenda. Please check out the Cyberagenda for a copy of the complete agenda as well as copies of these reports and others. Meeting of November 2, 2021: Preview SPECIAL NOTICE on Meeting Participation Recognition of Recently Retired County Employees Purchase of Property in Point Reyes Station Appointments to Advisory Boards and Commissions Recognition of Volunteers and Interns Amendment to San Rafael Rock Quarry EIR

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