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More Leftwing Lies: #Truthbomb Number Two

One of the most persistent lies the Left hammers home is that they "care" about the environment and Republicans don't. Leftists lean on this lie like they are leaning on a wall. It is a matter of faith for them. It is also a lie. A really big fat lie dreamed up by people who assume (often rightly) that no one will call them out on it.

Arguing with liars is annoying. Liars in general are annoying. Leftwing Liars are REALLY annoying. But it is time to face the leftwing liars down. We need to confront the lies every single time.

Republicans are NOT "anti-environment." Quite the contrary! You know how Leftists LOVE to call Conservatives names? Do you want to know WHY the words "Republican" and "Conservative" are almost synonymous? (By the way, synonymous is a fancy Greek-rooted word that means two words that describe the same thing. Kind of like a "house" and a "home" are slightly different words, but you could use either word to describe where Grandma lives?)

"Republican" and "Conservative" are synonymous words because Theodore Roosevelt --leader of the Roughriders, rancher, author, hunter, explorer, perpetual renegade, Commissioner of the NYPD, trustbuster, noted Republican and 26th President of the United States of America-- was a, gasp, "conservationist." Teddy Roosevelt established public parks. He preserved the wilderness. He felt that conserving the wilderness and protecting the environment for future generations was part of being a "conservative." And guess what... conserving and protecting the environment are STILL big parts of being a Republican.

If you like parks, wild animals, public wilderness and grand vistas, thank a Republican. Maybe the fact that Republicans are responsible for REAL environmental protections is one of the reasons Leftist mobs in 2020 are so frenzied about tearing down statues of Teddy Roosevelt. Confronted by a big bronze statue of Teddy Roosevelt someone might actually start to ask who Roosevelt was and what he did. Leftists are trying to control and create a "narrative" --no wonder they hate reality. Reality doesn't fit the Leftwing narrative. Reality is... Republicans have done a massive amount of work for the past hundred plus years attempting to conserve the environment.

Like parks? So do Republicans. Like camping? So do Republicans. Like practical solutions to complex issues? So do Republicans. So... next time someone claims that Republicans don't "care" about the environment, confront them with reality. Say this... Republicans care about the environment. Leftists only offer lip service and virtue signaling. Republicans established the national park system. Republicans believe ordinary people --regardless of their wealth and fame-- deserve to be able to enjoy the environment. Leftists think the "environment" is too precious for ordinary people to enjoy. Elite leftists hop in private jets to travel internationally while scolding working couples who just want to drive to a park and camp with the kids. Celebrity leftist "green advocates" probably couldn't tell the difference between poison ivy and the salad bar. The Left is frankly at war with the environment and divorced from reality. Republican conservationists understand humans have a place in the environment. We believe farmers are stewards of the environment, we also believe kids need to eat. Agriculture means kids eat. "Foraging" at WholeFoods is NOT "food production." Leftist "environmentalists" swarm cities to march and protest and litter. Leftist celebrity environmentalists fearmonger and fundraise and do nothing practical. If you want to be a REAL conservationist you had better not be completely delusional. Republicans live in the real world. Which means we care about the environment in a PRACTICAL way.

Republicans really do care about the environment.

We think it is time to confront the tired old lies of the Left head on.

If you agree... If you are tired of the lies, if you are tired of false narratives, please do us all a favor and share and re-share again. And check back soon for our next post. What do you say every week we confront a lie? Better yet, why not submit one of your least favorite Leftwing lies to our unofficial team of truth tellers and debunkers? We'll take on anyone.

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