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Newsom on Defense: The Case is NOT Moot

I'm not a lawyer. I am a Californian though. In case you aren't aware... The continuing odd world of "shut-down" and partial "shut-down" that we have experienced since March has led to some frankly odd things becoming normal in California. I joked a couple of months ago that I was unaware that the Constitution had been nullified during the panic of pandemic. But it was a bad joke. Like all bad jokes it came from a place of truth. The Constitution HAS NOT been nullified. But in Sacramento the Governor of California did a few things that suggested that the Constitution and the separation between the Legislative Branch and the Governor had become fuzzy. Legally there is no such thing as a fuzzy division of powers. So... Governor Newsom was sued. A few hours ago the Judge's decision was made public. The full pdf is included below. The important point is near the end, after a few pages of legalese lay readers may have a hard time digging through. There is nothing fuzzy about the words "enjoined and prohibited" though... those words mean everything right now. The other line to look out for is... "the case is tentative but serious...."

Gallagher and Kiley v. Newsom
Download PDF • 3.11MB

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