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Pro Trump Berkeley

Yes, you read that right, Pro Trump Berkeley. If you love California you are well aware that Berkeley WAS the home of the free speech movement. If you live in California today you are well aware that Berkeley has stopped being a place where Republican or Conservative or even right-of-Bernie free speech is allowed. Well... words matter... It is time to really let free speech live. And it is time to kick-start a NEW free speech movement. California Republicans won't be cancelled, and pro Trump Californians won't be silenced.

This is the jumbotron live from eastbound I-80 in Berkeley, home of the free speech movement.

Say NO to Anarchy and Socialism! Say YES to the American Dream! Vote Donald Trump and Mike Pence on November 3rd, 2020! (Paid for by your very own CAL Freedom PAC.)

What could be more appropriate than launching our campaign here?

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