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Pro Trump Signs: Berkeley Against Socialism

O.k. Maybe Berkeley at large probably is NOT against socialism. But there is at least a sign, a really big sign. And yes... that sign still stands. It didn't get torched or attacked. "Shy Trump Voters" are a thing... a real thing. And we treasure everyone of you. We WANT every vote! So... this is California, this is October of 2020. And these are local Republicans being loud and proud. (O.k. a billboard isn't that loud... but if it is bigger than 20 feet it doesn't matter if we don't have music.)

If you love California you are well aware that Berkeley WAS the home of the free speech movement. If you live in California today you are well aware that Berkeley has stopped being a place where Republican or Conservative or even right-of-Bernie free speech is allowed. Well... words matter... It is time to really let free speech live. And it is time to kick-start a NEW free speech movement. California Republicans won't be cancelled, and pro Trump Californians won't be silenced.

This is the jumbotron live from eastbound I-80 in Berkeley, home of the free speech movement.

Say NO to Anarchy and Socialism! Say YES to the American Dream! Vote Donald Trump and Mike Pence on November 3rd, 2020! (Paid for by your very own CAL Freedom PAC.)

It has been up for two weeks now (you can see the first picture taken at night here) and will remain live through the election.

California still has some fight in it. And California Republicans aren't on the run, we're going to put up our signs and run to the polls.

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