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Progressive Cities: Republicans Are Not the Problem

Almost without question Progressive cities are cities that are failing. They are failing the working class, they are failing the poor and everyone else who is falling through the cracks, they are failing residents who don't want their cars broken in to, they are failing kids stuck in schools that aren't doing a great job of teaching, they are failing parents who want a better life for their kids, and they are failing taxpayers who want their tax dollars spent wisely.

But most of all Progressive cities are failing to face reality. If you live in a Progressive city there is a good chance you live in a city led by people living in a state of absolute denial. Overdose victims are lying on the streets of San Francisco (you can see the footage up close by clicking here)... but the politicians want to to talk about plastic straws. Progressive schools are churning out graduates who may never be able to pay their student loan debt and afford rent and transportation. Forget a mortgage and a car and maybe true love and marriage and a couple of kids... Nope, you get to go to a mediocre school, go deeply in debt for the privilege of hearing moth eaten old lefties ramble on about whatever and then you spend the rest of your life paying for that "privilege" all while the "adults" blame YOU for "failing to launch".... hey, I'm a Millennial... my generation was sent to fight in endless wars --which weirdly Donald Trump seems to be in the process of ending-- and sacrificed on the altar of higher salaries for school administrators. Now we're accused of being "selfish" because we aren't contributing enough to Social Security to cover the gaps in the system for the retiring Baby Boomers. But yeah.... Blame a Millennial. Actually... blaming a Millennial if you are a Baby Boomer is a lot like blaming a Republican if you are a Progressive politician. It is easy, and a great way to avoid all personal responsibility.

I believe in personal responsibility. I always have. Which may be why I used to be a Democrat and now I'm a Republican. And yes, there are Republicans who don't believe in personal responsibility. But I have yet to meet a Progressive who EVER even noticed that "Progressivism" is actually a story of failure, and has been for YEARS.

So.... We need to talk about Progressivism. We need to talk about what Progressivism has actually done to once great American cities. And... if you like this please feel free to share... Because we live in a strange new world of media censorship where real stories are only covered by a handful of newspapers (you can read about that here)... And Big Tech wants to censor us ALL. So share and share again, we're going to need to tell our own stories if we want to be able to write our own future.

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