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#Sailaway --Leaving the Democratic Party

If you haven't heard of Brandon Straka you probably haven't heard of #walkaway. Brandon Straka used to be a liberal... until he realized he'd been spoon-fed a carefully crafted narrative disguised as journalism. He started asking questions.... He realized he'd been lied to, he realized he'd been trained and bullied by people who said the other side were bullies. And then he walked away from the Democratic Party.

But Brandon Straka is a lot more digitally savvy than this Millennial. So he left the Democratic Party and "Progressivism" behind with a video that went viral under the hashtag walkaway. Now walkaway is a movement...

The people who are going to vote for Donald Trump this year, a lot of them never expected to be Republicans. I never expected to be a Republican. The mainstream media doesn't want you to know that people like me, people like Brandon Straka, people like Leo Terrell, exist. Guess what? We do... and we're walking away and sailing away from lies and innuendo. We're remaking the Republican Party, we're hoping to save America.

The Republican Party is, like America, a big tent kind of party.... I think of it as a sailboat. We're on the water, maybe the water is rough, maybe the sailing is smooth, but we are in this together.

If you want to know what #sailaway is like... where we hope this ship of state is going.. watch this video filmed the last week of August 2020, finished the first day of September 2020, by two of your very own Marin Republicans. (Oh yes, turn up the sound....) And... if you like it, if it speaks to you... please share it. Because we really are on this ship together. And we don't want the ship of state to founder.

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