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Staying Safe

Updated: May 14, 2020

I don't know how to respond to people when they tell me to “Stay Safe”. Being in my 40's I am a 20,000/1 favorite over COVID-19. Those in their 30's are a 100,000/1 favorite. Younger than that and there aren't even enough deaths to calculate the odds (based on data complied into bar charts and released May 4th by the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health. All odds are based on the death rate [deaths/total population] - not the Infection Fatality Rate [deaths/total infected]).

Seems like decent odds to me. What are the odds for texting while driving? One of the biggest upsets in boxing history was when Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglass as the 42/1 favorite. A Buster victory wasn't seriously contemplated, the only question was how long could Buster last – 30 seconds, maybe 2 minutes? But Buster had other ideas and knocked Tyson out in the tenth shocking the boxing world. Lesson learned, occasionally the underdog wins. So an underdog winning at 42/1 is an inconceivable once in a lifetime upset while an underdog at +20,000/1 is now supposed to be feared and which could quite possibly kill us all? What? Forget Buster, this is like Tyson in the 1980's fighting a 12 yr old girl and being terrified for Tyson's well being. (I didn't start or perpetuate this absurd fear, but more than happy to gift them an absurd analogy.) The only thing actually getting their ass kicked is COVID-19. Not us. We own this pathetic virus. Heck, even Joe Biden (with odds better than 113/1) is likely to make COVID-19 crawl up and die after some unwanted touching. Some of you will need to find that article where some young person died of The COVID to shore up your fear. Cults demand repetition so make sure to read it again and again. I have a better suggestion, lock yourself in your padded room and put some corks on the fork (old movie reference, figure it out). Honestly, I don't care what you do, just don't expect or force the rest of us to join you. We have better things to do.

So damn straight I am staying safe! By letting people know that they are not alone in thinking our current path doesn't seem right. That this path is doomed to fail. That many or our leaders, like Cuomo, are dangerously incompetent fools. That this is one of the biggest mistakes in human history. We desperately need and want to get back to work, not only for us but for the rest of humanity.

We are Americans. We persevere. We overcome. And we always win.

Do what is right and be kind to others

Daniel Barringer

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