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Tuesday Election Results: (The 3 Possibilities... Fear the #BlueSwitch)

A lot of people have a lot of theories about what will happen on Tuesday. Figuring out an election BEFORE the election happens is the basis of many people's careers. I'm a political amateur. I don't get paid to blog. But I do have a brain (and a heart) so I have a few theories and a few worries about Tuesday. Almost a month ago I actually published my election victory map. You can see it here.

Tuesday matters. Tuesday matters for everyone! Because this WILL be the game changing election of the 21st century. Canadians have been calling me up to yell at me about American politics. The Canadians I know are kind of Left-wing... (The Scots I know sort of like Trump, he's sort of brash and un like the last few administrations he hasn't stumbled into another war which is a positive for Scots. Because the United Kingdom has a tendency to follow America to war, and Scots are too often the cannonfodder of the British Army. Trump bringing peace to the Middle East means some Scottish mother doesn't have to mourn her son.)

So... I've gone on record of saying how I think Trump will win. I've also gone on the record saying WHY I'm voting for Trump. If you want to know why my list is here. But right now for me everything is about censorship, we have an existential choice now between a party that seems weirdly o.k. with censorship and corruption, and a party that believes in America. I believe in America, now and forever. Censorship is NOT the American way. And I don't think people in the swing states like the idea of censorship. (Swing states matter... you can watch that video here.) But... now I want to talk about reality. This election is NOT going to come down to Facebook memes about Red Waves and Blue Waves. It is going to come down to votes, and ground game, and it may come down to how those votes are counted.

Personally I think there is a chance there will be a decisive victory Tuesday night. And I think if there is a decisive victory it will be a decisive victory for Donald Trump.

I think a decisive victory would be good for America. We need something decisive right now. But we could have a situation that is eerily similar to Florida in 2000. And that wasn't good twenty years ago and that will be a nightmare in 2020. (Because 2020 has been a nightmarish year... riots have become the new norm in at least 25 major American cities.)

I don't believe in fear mongering. But I believe in being realistic. If you think about what may happen in advance it gives you the tools necessary to deal with Wednesday. So... if you want to hear my views on what may happen on Tuesday (and what may happen after) watch the video above. And... if you want some extra tips on how to watch the election on Tuesday read this.

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