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Get Involved ~ Volunteer

There are many opportunities to get involved. The CAGOP is sponsoring training and will facilitate those who wish to make phone calls to help clean up voter rolls in their “Sidekick” program.


There are other problems with the cleaning up (or lack thereof) of the voter rolls that must be addressed.

The MCRCCEIC is also sponsoring “Voter Registration Drives” at local gas stations and public sidewalks to serve those unhappy with rampant inflation and astronomic fuel prices. If you would to register to vote or update your registration --because you have moved or are changing party affiliation-- please contact us. If you would like to sign up to volunteer to help man a voter registration table please contact the Marin GOP's voter registration chair, Chris Baer.

If you think you may be registered in several places, or your voter ID information is out of date, please consider filing a correction form to help us clean up the voter rolls.


We can help with that.

Get Involved with Your Local Marin Election Integrity Committee

The Marin Republican Central Committee has a number of sub-committees working on specific projects. The Marin Election Integrity Committee meets on the first and third Monday of the month in the conference center at the MarinGOP office complex. Contact Chris C. of the MEIC for more info.  

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